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Make a Stink
Use your Water Sprayer on a Skunk and then tame it.
"You can tame one of those skunks if you can get the stink off first! Try your new Water Sprayer!"
"Now it’s a stinky wet skunk, but at least you were able to tame it! Look for other ways to use your Water Sprayer!"
Location Info
Start Location: Brick Annex
End Location: Brick Annex
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: None
Starts With: Mardolf the Orange
Ends With: Mardolf the Orange
Total Coins: 100
Total U-Score: 35
Stats Won: None
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won: None
Skunks can normally be found around Nimbus Plaza, the path to the launchpad to Avant Gardens, the path to Red Blocks, and the path to Race Place. At least one of these places should have a tamable skunk at any given time.
Mission Progression

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