Max 14
Theme LEGO Club
World Club Station Alpha
Quote "Talk to me and I’ll give you game hints."
Weapon/Tool None

Max is the LEGO Club Host NPC in Club Station Alpha.

In Episode 7.1 of The LEGO Club Show, Max answered a distress signal and passed through the LEGO Club Door. He emerged in the Venture Explorer, which was under attack by the Maelstrom. The ship's last escapee, the Nexus Astronaut, was having difficulty constructing a rocket, so Max helped him build a Nexus Force Rocket. Since the single-crew rocket had no room for Max, the LEGO Club Host quickly built himself a jetpack before leaving the Venture Explorer with the Nexus Astronaut.

In Club Station Alpha, Max stands atop a black crate near the LEGO Club Door. There, he gives hints to LEGO Club members, ranging from using binoculars for achievements to building anchors for smashing Stromling Apes.

Before LEGO Universe

Max is the current mascot of LEGO Club, Brickmaster, and LEGO Magazine. He has appeared numerous times in the LEGO Magazines and online LEGO Club in sections such as comics, Ask Max, the Brick Street Journal, and The LEGO Club Show. Max is also a Networker on My LEGO Network and can be friended only if the player is subscribed to LEGO Magazine.


  • Prior to the Nexus Tower update, artwork of Numb Chuck was used on the Club Station Alpha map. However, artwork of Max wearing a knit cap could be seen on certain glitched maps, such as the Vertigo Loop Racetrack map, as well as a map for the character selection screen. Despite this, in the Nexus Tower update, a new image of Max with his hair exposed replaced the Numb Chuck image on the Club Station Alpha map.

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