Melty Puddles
Melty Puddles render
Theme Seasonal
World Frostburgh
Quote "Wow. You move so fast I almost couldn't see you."

Melty Puddles is the Foot Race Host of Frostburgh.

As Melty Puddles lives on Frostburgh, he is in a perpetually-frozen state for most of the year as Frostburgh's comet moves in its orbit away from Nimbus Station. Melty Puddles only comes to life during the Frostivus holiday season, during which Melty challenges players with a Foot Race. Since LEGO Universe was announced to close, Melty Puddles's Foot Race could only be completed by players during the November 2010 - February 2011 Frostivus season.

After Sneezy Icewhisker greets new arrivals to Frostburgh, he sends players to speak with Melty Puddles and try the Foot Race. Melty's Foot Race takes players around Frostburgh's frozen lake and is challenging to navigate due to the slippery ice.

Melty Puddles LXF File

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