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Membership Reward
Subscription Specialties
How to obtain: Activate a 1, 6, or 12 month game card

A Membership Reward in LEGO Universe is an item that is obtained from buying a 1, 6, or 12 month game card. It should be noted that LEGO changed the Membership Rewards multiple times through LEGO Universe's lifespan.

1 Month Card

When a user activates a one month game card, they will receive a Bag of Faction Tokens in their in-game Mailbox.

3 Month Card

A 3 month game card is only sold in Canada and has no in-game reward for buying it. However if a user buys it at select stores, they receive a Hatchling.

6 Month Card

When a player activates a 6 month game card, they receive a Bag of Faction Tokens and the "Dino in a Pack".

12 Month Game Card

When a player activates a 12 month game card, they recive a bag of faction tokens, and a "Ribbit's Top Hat".


  • At a Mythran Party in January 2012, a Mythran gave out Gray Dino Packs, Taby Cat Packs, and Owl Perches.
  • In the game files, there are other rewards, but they were never released ingame. For example, the Tadpole Hat, Gray Dino in a Pack, Tabby Cat In A Bag, and Owl Perch.

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