Nails Henrik
Nails Henrik 2
Theme LEGO Club
World Club Station Alpha
Weapon/Tool Jetpack

Nails Henrik is a LEGO Club Technician who works in Club Station Alpha.

Nails Henrik hangs out near the gravity well in the center of the space station. He has not quite mastered his jetpack yet, and if players try to interact with him, his jetpack will malfunction, sending him flying uncontrollably into the air before crashing down to the floor. He currently has no dialogue or missions and remains only a background character.


  • Nails Henrik's jetpack was first used by the Jetpack Explorer in the Mars Mission set 7690 MB-01 Eagle Command Base.
  • Although Nails Henrik works at Club Station Alpha, he wears a Starbase 3001 uniform. Oddly enough, the Starbase Technician Otto Matic, Nails Henrik's counterpart, does not wear a Starbase 3001 uniform. It is possible but unconfirmed that these two characters were intended to wear each others' wardrobe instead.

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