Nancy the Lion
Nancy the Lion 2
Theme LEGO Universe
World Pet Cove

Nancy the Lion is Coalessa's Pet.

Nancy the Lion is presumably one of many animals that once lived in the diverse ecosystem of Planet Crux. When the entire planet was shattered by the Maelstrom, Nancy was rescued and adopted by Coalessa and given sanctuary on Pet Cove.

When players first arrive at Pet Cove, Nancy the Lion and Coalessa are playing a game of Frisbee. However, a seagull swoops in and interrupts the game, stealing the flying disc and bringing it to its nest atop the Lighthouse. Nancy is sad that she lost her toy, so Coalessa sends players to retrieve the flying disc for Nancy.

After players have tamed seven pets, Nancy the Lion reveals to Coalessa that, if players can tame eighteen different pets, they can also tame a Lion. Coalessa translates this information for players to understand before sending them on a new mission.

Beta Information

In beta testing, Coalessa's dialogue suggested that Nancy the Lion would have been tamed by players after completing King of Beasts. According to Coalessa, Nancy would have been honored to have let players tame her. However, despite this dialogue, Nancy the Lion could never be tamed and, as is the case in the released game, the Lion pet must be tamed at Crocodile Corner in Gnarled Forest.


  • Nancy the Lion is the only NPC pet in the game.


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