This article is about the NetDevil logo. You may be looking for NetDevil, the company itself.

NetDevil Angler Fish
Netdevil Logo
Theme NetDevil
Function Company Logo

The NetDevil Angler Fish is the logo of the late NetDevil, owned by Gazillion Enterprise.

Large Angler Fish LXF Model Download

Tiny Angler Fish LXF Model Download

Beta Information

Prior to the Battle for Crux Prime update, LEGO Universe had an introductory movie in which a Minifigure pulled a switch and created the NetDevil logo out of a pile of white and red 2x4 bricks. Three different variations on this video existed. The first, introduced in mid-beta, had limited expressions for the Minifigure. The second, introduced in late-beta, gave the Minifigure more expressions. The third and final version showed the LEGO logo at the beginning of the video.

After the Battle for Crux Prime update was released, this introductory video was removed from the game, as LEGO purchased full rights to LEGO Universe, dispatching NetDevil.


  • On December 19, 2011, a LEGO Universe GM named Shival hosted a party for players in Nexus Tower, spawning various NPCs and creatures, including a NetDevil Angler Fish.
  • The NetDevil anglerfish is a recoloration of the anglerfish from the LEGO Aqua Raiders set 7771 Angler Ambush.


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