The Nexus HQ was a subdomain, functioning as an archives/search engine system for all players across Overbuild, Storm, and Exeter Universes, as well as all items and pre-built models being used in LEGO Universe. Future plans for the Nexus HQ involved the ability to view the ingame leaderboards from the site. Sometimes after large patches in-game, there would be unreleased items along with the new and available items. Nexus HQ sometimes showed items and models that were not yet released.


Nexus HQ Icon
Because of the closure of LEGO Universe, the Nexus HQ button was removed from sidebar on November 21st, 2011. Shortly thereafter, direct links to the HQ worked, but it is now officially offline.



  • The Nexus HQ was never finalized, as it was in Beta its entire lifetime.

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