Nexus Naomi
UniverseMap I87
Theme Nexus Force
World Nexus Tower
Quote "Be prepared for the adventure of your life!"

Nexus Naomi is the Nexus Tower Artificial Intelligence.

Holograms of Nexus Naomi are located in the first room players visit in Nexus Tower and the Sentinel War Room. She assists in setting up the player's vault account as well as showing them around Nexus Tower. Nexus Naomi gives players missions to clean Nexus Tower with a soap gun, and also gives players missions to expand their bank vaults in exchange for Blue Imaginite Crystals. The first Nexus Naomi hologram gives Daily Missions to visit the Faction Leaders (for which there is no reward).



  • Her appearance is somewhat reminiscent of characters from Tron, a popular movie from the 1980s.
  • Her hat was given out near the end of LEGO Universe by a Mythran via ingame mailbox.


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