Ninjago Caves
Ninjago Caves 7
World Ninjago Monastery
Main Location of Golden Weapons
Enemies Skeleton Raiders, Skeleton Mad Scientists, Bone Wolves

The Ninjago Caves are a large cave network behind the Ninjago Monastery. Sensei Wu hid the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu in their various caverns in an attempt to hide them from the invading Skulkin, but the Skulkin eventually broke into the caves and discovered the weapons. Players are then sent into the caves to recover the weapons and defeat the Skulkin. Additionally, the Skulkin have trapped several villagers in the caves, which can be freed by the player to earn rewards.

The Ninjago Caves are divided into three main areas. The Cave of Ancient Ways is the central cave and contains the Ice Shrine, the Cave of Black Echoes holds the Fire Shrine and Earth Shrine, and the Cave of White Whispers contains the Lightning Shrine. The only way to enter the cave is to pass through the Ninjago Storeroom, which has an entrance to the Cave of Ancient Ways. A small, unconnected cave can by accessed by using a Earth Spinjitzu Lantern in the Monastery Courtyard, which contains a launchpad to Nexus Tower. Players can also land in this small cave by wearing Ninjago headgear while blasting off to the world.


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