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Ninjago Monastery
Ninjago- Masters of Spinjitzu
Major Characters in Location Sensei Wu
Main Location of Spinjitzu
Enemies Skulkin

The Ninjago Monastery is the second world to include Ninjago and Spinjitzu in LEGO Universe, the first being Crux Prime. It is the home of and training ground of Sensei Wu.

The Monastery is under heavy siege from Skeletons, which mined Maelstrom Ore from Crux Prime to forge new weaponry that is immune to most spinjitzu attacks. This increased the Skeletons' health to the point where it began to overwhelm the Ninjas.

The Monastery was originally set upon a high mountain, and a chunk was broken off by the Skeletons and thrown into space. Sensei Wu was able to pilot this to the beacon from Nexus Tower, crashing it into Crux Prime. Skeletons followed Wu and discovered the Maelstrom. With it, they were able to return to the Monastery to attempt to deal the final blow and find the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. The Nexus Force, now having made friends with Sensei Wu and knowing that Nexus Force gear can smash Maelstrom enemies, but it cannot smash skeletons very well, send players to help defend the Monastery. Learning the art of Spinjitzu from the four Ninjas trained by Sensei Wu (Kai, Zane, Jay, and Cole), players are able to embark on a massive mission chain, defeat the skeletons, recover the Golden Weapons, and take back the Monastery.






  • Ninjago has the most missions in one planet, the most flags, and is the first and only planet to have Cooking in it.
  • The Ninjago Monastery is the only major planet without an Imagination Brick.
  • This was the last world released before the game's closure.
  • If a player flys to Ninjago holding their golden weapons or wearing any elemental ninja hood, they will land in an underground room with a secret launch pad.


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