Ninjago Storeroom
Ninjago Storeroom 1
World Ninjago Monastery
Main Location of Ninjago Caves Entrance
Enemies None

The Ninjago Storeroom is a location within the Ninjago Monastery. It serves as a go-between for the Ninjago Caves and the Monastery Courtyard. There are several ways to enter the caves, including rebuilding a weapons rack into a bouncer, or using one of the two possible routes for climbing up crates.

When Sensei Wu returned to the Monastery with all four golden weapons, he decided to hide them in four shrines in the Ninjago Caves, hoping that the skeletons would not find them. He then proceeded to fill the storeroom with boxes to hide the entrance down into the caves.

Unfortunately, the skeletons were able to break into the caves without passing through the storeroom, and Bonezai, Chopov, Krazi, and Frakjaw take control of all four weapons. When Sensei Wu sends players to regain them, he tells them how to find the entrance to the caves through the storeroom.


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