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Nuckal Cracker
Find a Maelstrom Crystal by smashing Nuckal, the Skeleton Overseer on Crux Prime.
"Nuckal oversees the Skeletons' mining efforts. Smash him and retrieve one of the evil Crystals he is searching for!"
"So this is what the Skeletons are mining for. Its dark power is most unnerving."
Location Info
Start Location: Ninjago Monastery Ruins
End Location: Ninjago Monastery Ruins
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Nuckal
Starts With: Neido
Ends With: Neido
Total Coins: 0
Total U-Score: 305
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Imagination Spinjitzu Pants
Choice Items Won: None
Neido now hosts the mission due to Sensei Wu's move to the Ninjago Monastery.
Mission Progression

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