Olivia Nightshade
Olivia Nightshade New
Theme Minifigures
World Nexus Tower
Quote "Did Meyer send you? Drats and cats, now where is that Hat?"

Olivia Nightshade is a Supplies Vendor whose booth is located within the Paradox Vendor Area of Nexus Tower.

Olivia Nightshade sells consumables and other useful items such as Blue Imaginite Crystals. Much like Leroy Duddsmith, in addition to her static inventory, Olivia also sells a rotating selection of other consumables including potions and armor polish that changes every so often. Olivia also sells Stinky Fish, which can be used in Johnny Umami's recipe for Yucki-Yaki.

At one point, Olivia Nightshade was trying to brainstorm new spells, so Meyer Muckrake lent her his Thinking Hat. After coming up with many new ideas, Olivia lent the Thinking Hat to Achilles Plutarch in exchange for his shield, which she used as a punch bowl.

Eventually, Meyer Muckrake wants his Thinking Hat back, so players ask Olivia Nightshade for the hat. However, she tells them that she lent it to Achilles Plutarch and asks players to return the shield to the Spartan warrior.

Rutger Hemoglobin once insulted Olivia Nightshade's hat, infuriating the witch and causing her to cast a spell on the vampire in hopes of turning him into a frog. Players later inform her that the spell has failed but, needing her assistance in creating a Maelstrom dye, Rutger sends his apologies. Olivia agrees to help make the dye, unable to resist Rutger's charms. However, when Rutger Hemoglobin accidentally infects himself with the Maelstrom samples, he initially blames it on Olivia Nightshade.


Items for Sale at this Location

Item Price (Coins) Required Level Stats Ability Picture
Hiccup Tablets Coin 35 Restores 3 Imagination and gives hiccups Hiccup
Notion Potion Coin 60 Restores 6 Imagination Notion
Strong Notion Potion Coin 100 5 Restores 10 Imagination Strong notion
Super Notion Potion Coin 200 Restores 20 Imagination Super notion
Thirst Quencher Coin 60 Restores 12 Imagination over time Thirst Quencher Icon
Armor Polish Coin 40 Repairs 4 Armor Armor Polish
Armor Shine Coin 70 5 Repairs 7 Armor Armor Shine
Healing Banana Coin 20 Heals 2 Life Healing bannana
Healing Cherry Coin 40 5 Heals 4 Life Healing cherry
Healing Drumstick Coin 40 Heals 4 Life Healing drumstick
Quicksicle Coin 25 Speed Boost for 15 seconds Quicksicle
Buttery Croissant Coin 80 Restores 4 Imagination and 4 Life Buttery
Balloon Animals Coin 6,000 20 Boosts 5 Life, 5 Imagination and 5 Armor for 2 minutes. Restores up to 30 Life, 30 Imagination and 30 Armor over time and Ballon Animals
Red Imaginite Coin 100 Use of Wishing Wells cost one Red Imaginite Crystal Red Imaginite Crystal
Blue Imaginite Coin 500 Used for buying more space in backpack or vault Blue Imaginite
Stinky Fish Coin 35 Toss a Stinky Fish that either A. Feeds Sharks if thrown accurately, or B. Make other players or objects smell bad Tnik
Un-Stink Potion Coin 35 10 Removes Skunk stink Unstink
BBQ Blast Hot Dog Coin 30 5 "Fire Cone", does 3 damage AoE Bbg hot dog
Firecracker Coin 30 Tosses explosive, does 3 damage AoE Firecracker
Sunflower Seed Coin 6,575 20 Creates a Sunflower that drops Imagination Power-ups Sunflower seed
Maneater Seeds Coin 5,075 20 3 / 2 Creates a massive plant that assists you in battle Maneater Seeds
Spring Shoes Coin 1,000 10 Makes you leap into the air and dealing 5 damage to enemies on impact Spring Shoes
Treasure Finder Coin 500 5 Shows the location of collectables on your mini-map for a long time Treasure Finder

Before LEGO Universe

Olivia Nightshade originated as the Witch from Series 2 Minifigures.

According to her Bio on the Minifigures website, Olivia Nightshade is a misunderstood witch who tries to be good but sometimes cannot help being bad. However, whenever she does something bad, she tries to make up for it by doing something good, but it does not always work out as planned. She is strong and fast, but not particularly creative. Conversely, she is one of the results of the "Which Monster Minifigure are you?" quiz, which states that her high creativity and imagination helps her fix things up when things go wrong.

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