Peppermint Lane
Theme Frostburgh
World Frostburgh
Quote "Exploding Presents! Yay!"
Weapon/Tool None

Peppermint Lane is an NPC in Frostburgh. Peppermint Lane is in charge of Space Blizzard, an iced over version of Vertigo Loop Racetrack. She is the sister to Velocity Lane, the NPC in charge of the normal version of Vertigo Loop Racetrack, and Sky Lane, an NPC from the Venture Explorer. Though she has missions to accomplish, they are only unlocked after two of Velocity Lane's missions are completed. Her missions are not very hard compared to Velocity Lane's and the Pirate tracks challenges. This is likely due to the fact that Frostburgh is only around for a limited time each year.



  • On December 19th, 2011, a LEGO moderator named Shival hosted a party for players in Nexus Tower spawning various NPCs and creatures, including Peppermint Lane.
  • Peppermint Lane was also spawned in Nimbus Station on January 30, 2012, as part of the day's events.
  • Peppermint gives out the most missions in Frostburgh.


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