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Peppy's Ugly Mug
Find something to replace Peppy's Ugly Mug.
"The girls all say I have an Ugly Mug! Can you find a way to make them like me?"
"Whoa, I feel better looking already! Look out ladies, Peppy's got a Handsome Mug! You should try it."
Location Info
Start Location: Red Blocks
End Location: Red Blocks
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List:
Starts With: Peppy Slapbiscuit
Ends With: Peppy Slapbiscuit
Total Coins:
Total U-Score: 30
Stats Won:
Items Won: Peppy's Black Mug

Peppy's Black Mug

Choice Items Won:
Peppy's mug needs to be replaced with a "Handsome Mug" from Sofia Amalgam. Once he sees this new one, he will reward you with an identical old one. Until May, the reward was also a Handsome Mug.
Mission Progression

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