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Pirate 01
Leader Captain Jack Knife
Members Hael Storm, Swifty McGurk, others
Main Location Pirate Camp, Gnarled Forest
Enemies Maelstrom, Ninjas
Allies Nexus Force
Pirates are a group of characters in the LEGO Universe. They resemble typical pirates, with hooks and peg legs.

They talk with the user, and give them missions, usually rewarding the user with gifts afterwards. The pirates are primarily based in Gnarled Forest, led by Captain Jack Knife.

Though several Pirates are members of Venture League, most are self spoken and are quite fed up with the service that Venture League had provided them with. Many of their speeches indicate that they enjoyed living alone in Gnarled Forest, as the rocket launchpads were not constructed until the greedy pirate disaster.

Pirates probably knew very little of the Maelstrom until some crates were contaminated with Maelstrom. The gems were corrupted, and as the greedy pirates opened their booty, they were instantly turned into Stromling Pirates. Captain Jack Knife and company were able to hold them off using cannons until Renee Tombcrusher and Hugo First arrived from Venture, although Hugo is only a Faction Grunt.

The Captain often complains about the lack of help from Venture League, and in his log, notes "..all we got was that launchpad over there. Never mind though, arrr!... we still have our cannonballs!".

The pirates lack most up-to-date technology, however they do have the ability to create (or, perhaps steal) objects only smashable by the Maelstrom Hammer. Ninjas Steve, Hashi, Mashi, and Zashi were discovered hiding in the Forest, and were locked away in Maelstrom Hammer cells.

Captain Jack and Numb Chuck have a long rivalry, and they continue to steal each other's items. Presumably, Hashi, Mashi, Zashi, and Steve were attempting to steal treasure when they were caught. Further, there are three pirate spies in Forbidden Valley.

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