Location Pre-Alpha Test Map
Theme LEGO City
Function Flying

The Plane was a Pre-Alpha/unreleased vehicle mount that was scrapped.


When spawned in-game by a Mythran, players could get in the plane. However, the plane had many errors and only worked when spawned in an area that it could fly out of. For example, it only flies forward once you get in, no matter what you press. It is believed that the finished version would have had steering and options to move in other directions.

Beta Information

The Plane appeared in a beta file for a pre-alpha version of Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery, where it appears to have been a target alongside red and blue Mini Galleons. Early gameplay videos also feature the Plane on a pre-alpha test map that notably features a runway.[1]


  • The Plane is based upon 4778 Airline Promotional Set.
  • Numerous amounts of times before LEGO Universe closed, the Plane was spawned. Most of the times the plane was spawned in areas where it could not fly far, or it would get stuck in trees.


  1. LEGO Universe Top Gun


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