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Planet Crux
Crux 002
Major Characters in Location Mythrans, First Builders
Main Location of Nexus Temple

Planet Crux was an ancient cube-shaped planet and the location of the Nexus Temple. When the Imagination Nexus was corrupted into the Maelstrom, Crux was shattered into countless smaller Worlds.

Crux was found by Duke Exeter, Hael Storm, Doctor Overbuild, and Baron Typhonus on their quest to find the last essence or pure Imagination in the universe. They explored the universe in the Venture Koi, using the Imagimeter to search planets for powerful sources of Imagination. They eventually reached Crux, where the Imagimeter located and activated the Imagination Nexus at the planet's north pole.

The four explorers left the Venture Koi floating above Crux, landed on the planet in a small detachable craft. There they found the Nexus Temple, and inside, the Imagination Nexus. Knowing legends that it could bring any idea to life, the explorers began imagining their most desired creations.

Baron Typhonus then betrayed the other explorers, using the Nexus's power to create the Spider Boss. But instead of attacking them, it turned towards Baron Typhonus and dragged him into the Imagination Nexus, corrupting it into the Maelstrom.

The Maelstrom destroyed the Venture Koi, and pieces of the spacecraft began falling towards the remaining explorers. Doctor Overbuild caught them, and used them to seal off the Maelstrom, trapping it inside Crux. The planet was unable to contain such a force, and exploded violently.

The three explorers recruited Vanda Darkflame to take the place of Baron Typhonus, and formed the Nexus Force to re-claim the remains of Crux from the Maelstrom. Nexus Tower was constructed on the largest planet chunk, Crux Prime, which was also the site of the original Nexus Temple.

Beta Information

In early development, the setting of LEGO Universe was "Wonderland". Not much is known about Wonderland's backstory, or what its exact relation to Planet Crux is. According to concept artist Jerry Meyer, in an early story associated with Wonderland, one of the four heroes was named Prospero, and the story involved him somehow sacrificing himself to make Wonderland a safe place to be, becoming a large stone monument in Brick Mesa.[1]

As of May 2008, Crux was part of the game's backstory, which now more closely resembled the final story, but still with some significant differences. The story involved a plastic shortage, and the Nexus was an infinite well of plastic at the northern pole. There was also an aurora of Imagination at the south pole, called the Nimbus. There were eight explorers instead of four, each with a key of either plastic or imagination that, together, would unlock the Nexus and Nimbus. The Maelstrom was kept at bay with a giant wall called the Bulwark.[2]

Despite this, a preview of LEGO Universe showed a photo (posted in late July 2008, but taken at a LUP event in June) of a concept art wall at NetDevil with a "Wonderland Map", leaving it unclear when the idea was abandoned.

Storyboards from December 2008 and other concept art show Crux as a flat planet. While the events depicted are very similar to the final story, in this version, Crux never exploded, and the Maelstrom resides underneath it.[3]




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