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Power Pack
Brick fury
Bring Vapor Overcast 30 Maelstrom Infected Bricks.
"Brick Fury's got more ammo than all of the Sentinels, but sometimes he runs low on power. Can you bring us 30 Maelstrom-infected bricks?"
"Oh yeah, we are back in action! Hey Brick, I got you some more of those num-nums you like!"
Location Info
Start Location: Paradox Refinery
End Location: Paradox Refinery
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Any and all Stromlings
Starts With: Vapor Overcast
Ends With: Vapor Overcast
Total Coins: 250
Total U-Score: 5
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Ninja Dragon Rocket Cockpit
Choice Items Won: None
In beta, this mission required 100 Maelstrom-Infected bricks rather than 30. The count was brought down to 50, and then 30 before launch.
Mission Progression

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