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Property Console
Mission 870
Use (s)
  • Allows property claiming
  • Altering property features such as name, description and public modes
  • Shows Reputation
Location Any claimed player Property
Cost 500 coins (Small Property)

1000 coins (Medium Property


Property consoles are small computer-like consoles located on player properties. A player claims the property as their own by interacting with the console.


The console allows players to choose whether they want the property to be set to Public, Private, or Best Friends only, which allows only the player's best friends to visit the property.

It also allows the user to pay the property rent, which extends the amount of time which a player owns a property. They can also edit the name and description of a property from the console, which others may read when launching from the game world to a property.

Alpha/Beta Information

During the Alpha Test Phase, property consoles were small signs similar to Nexus Force Plaques, however they allowed the player to claim the property. This was their only real function, since the maelstrom battle of property claiming had not yet been released. They showed a small image of a coin, and an image of a clock, which represented how much the player needed to pay per the time on the clock. They would also allow editing the name and description.

Since it was impossible to read, many players were afraid to claim Block Yard and Cul-de-sac, extending to properties such as Nimbus Rock (Squareville at the time), and Chantey Shanty (Waterfall).

The sign and images were shown up until mid-Beta, when they were replaced with the current sign, although a different format from now. It allowed editing, and setting the property to private, best friends, and public; however it could only be paid once, and a built-in auto-renew system would keep the player from ever using it again.

This too was replaced to a version seen in late beta and early live, which allowed the player all options, although the user was also given the option of turning on and off the auto-renew system. Since the auto-renew system never worked, it was replaced with the existing system during the first update to the live game. This allows players to buy as much time as they want, when they want it.


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