Property Teleporter
Property teleport
Image: Can be seen on the skill five bar of the picture above
Function: Teleported Player to respective property
Location: All four Property Worlds

Property Teleporters were a type of teleporter in the form of an everlasting consumable obtainable only during the Beta Test stage. When used, the teleporter would send the player to the corresponding property. Using the teleporter again on the property world would send the player back to their previous location.

Four different teleporters were eventually made available, the first of which was the Block Yard teleporter. Property Guards gave out their corresponding properties' teleporter.

The property teleporters were removed in late Beta for unknown reasons and were never added back.

Obtained From


  • If the player teleported back to their original location, the player could find themselves on a property in moderation. Deliberate exploitation of this trick seldom worked and typically sent the player to the root world of the property involved, or occasionally sent the player to Avant Gardens, regardless of the property world's origin.


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