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Quick Build
Function in Game Constructs Objects

Quick Building is when a Minifigure tosses bricks together to create a predesigned model. This technique has been used in other LEGO video games, such as LEGO Star Wars.

There are several different types of Quick Builds found within LEGO Universe. The most common are standard builds, which only require a specific amount of Imagination. Another variety are the Collection Quick Builds, which, in addition to Imagination, require the acquisition of additional Bricks before they can be built (the bricks are expended with the build). The last variety is the "Exclusive" Build, which requires a specific item to be equipped. The only one as of yet is the Crow's Nest Build, which cannot be built unless the player owns the Pirate Hook.


  • Apes leave quick build anchors that smash their health when their armor is depleted.
  • Some faction crates hold quick build bouncers.
  • On Crux Prime, there are quick build shields which require 60 Imagination to build.

Concept Art

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