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Ravencloud Gate (Mission)
Kenjin render
Look for a secret path around Ravencloud Gate and talk to Kenjin the Wise.
"A Ninja creates his own path. Find a way past Ravencloud Gate and speak to Kenjin the Wise on the other side."
"Others see a Gate where a Ninja only sees another path. You show much promise."
Location Info
Start Location: Perilous Path
End Location: Far side of Ravencloud Gate
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: None
Starts With: Ninja Tashi
Ends With: Kenjin the Wise
Total Coins: None
Total U-Score: 205
Stats Won: None
Items Won: None
Choice Items Won: None
The Gate will not let anyone through who is not wearing a Ninja Hood. The ways around are to the left via a path of floating rocks or to the right by building a quick build.
Mission Progression

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