"Click this to start rebuilding. Follow the path and build the next one. You must build it in order! Stand near the Piece and click it to pick it up. Now click the blinking part on the rebuild to place the Piece."- Bob giving a player a rebuild tutorial

Function in Game Building models out of smaller pieces

Rebuilding was a form of building in LEGO Universe which was removed sometime before the start of alpha testing. It was very similar to vehicle building in LEGO Island, in that the player assembled a model out of smaller clumps of LEGO bricks, placing them onto flashing markers in a pre-determined order.

Rebuilds played a significant part in LEGO Universe, much like Quick Builds do in the final game. Notable rebuilds included Burno's hot dog cart, a broken Ninja Detector in Gnarled Forest, and the Ninja Training Mech and Maelstrom Portal in Forbidden Valley.


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