An archive of the LEGO Universe release notes during the Beta test phase.


LEGO Universe Beta is now closed.

September 10, 2010 (0.0.35)

Pet Cove

  • If you are out of interaction range with a pet, pet taming minigame terminates.


  • The lap time and track time requirements for both race tracks have been increased.


  • The platform for the Maelstrom Pushback is now more reliable.

September 10, 2010 (0.0.34)

Front End

  • Max account password length increased to 40 to match


  • Non-BFF’s will not be able to enter your property when you are wearing your Thinking Hat.

September 10, 2010 (0.0.33)

Forbidden Valley

  • Dragon Instance icon is now displayed above the dragon.

September 9, 2010 (0.0.32)

Avant Gardens

  • The Survival Instance displays all 4 players and handles exiting correctly.


  • Loot spawned on properties is now visible and can be picked up by any player on that property.


  • Modular build will properly return multiple items of the same type that you have placed on the ground.
  • Picking up a model and putting it back down does not delete its behaviors.


  • Behaviors can be given custom names.

September 8 2010 (0.0.31)

Avant Gardens

Gnarled Forest

  • Lightning now flashes hot-white, rather than off-purple.


  • The camera control scheme has been updated for Model Mode and Brick Mode.

September 8 2010 (0.0.30)

Front End

  • The Character Create torsos are clickable again.


  • Stromling attack swing sound plays consistently now.

September 7 2010 (0.0.29)


  • Fixed smashed behavior models moving through property boundaries.


  • Property Warps now have a precondition that requires you to have leased the appropriate property to use them.
  • Population removed from all property screens.

Nimbus Station]]

  • The Maelstrom console now costs 25 Maelstrom-infected Bricks instead of 20 and rewards 5 faction tokens instead of 1-5.


  • Updated LEGO Club screen textures.

7 September 2010 (0.0.28)

Front End

  • Getting stuck at submitting username for an extended period of time should no longer be an issue.
  • The Add Hair icon/button now appears in Character Create if your Minifigure is bald.


  • Public property / Best Friend buttons now show as disabled before the property tutorial missions have been completed.


  • Smashing yourself in Brick Mode will no longer cause a blocking state, and your work will be saved.
  • Many reward models have been updated to work correctly.


  • Dragging the last behavior from the behavior cloud to your inventory no longer deletes it.
  • Models with behaviors now prevent other models from being placed on/in them in both Brick Mode and Model Mode.


  • The Backpack icon will no longer show as full after completing a mission that expands your inventory size.


  • Turrets no longer hate their creator.

3 September 2010 (0.190.27)

Venture Explorer

  • New glow map for Sky Lane has been fixed.

Forbidden Valley

  • All Quick-Built pipes in the Paradox Refinery now last 35 seconds instead of 25.


  • When doing a “social” search for properties, the resulting message will be based on whether you have already made friends or not.
  • Behaviors</u>
  • You can no longer spawn something in or on an enemy.


  • Text will not appear in chat box when you emote.

User Interface

-Selecting report abuse from dropdown menu will now bring up the appropriate selection in the help menu dropdown.


  • Forbidden Valley smashables now have the correct sounds.


  • Window movement, sizing and catching of bad sizing has been much improved.

September 2 2010 (0.190.26)

Gnarled Forest

- Shooting Gallery scores will now display correctly.

Forbidden Valley

- Added some smashables on the ledge by the Dragon Instance loader.

Pet Cove

- Nexus has been added to the skybox.


- Small property maps now have a Nexus effect.

- You will be prompted when you attempt to create more than the maximum allowed brick sorting groups (currently 50).


- Updated spider sounds.

- More front end sounds.


- Referee Bob has been replaced by a Mythran on the News Screen.

- Chained achievements in the Passport will now display all of the completed missions, not just the final one.

1 September 2010 (0.190.25)

Avant Gardens - The text in the Survival Instance is more legible now. Gnarled Forest - The Stromling captain now has an accurate image in the user interface. Forbidden Valley - The chest in the Dragon Instance will now drop coins for all players in the team. - Ronin and Horsemengot bored just standing around and now stroll. Behaviors - Clicking and dragging on a model with movement will no longer cause the graphical user interface to remain open. - After applying and removing Behaviors from a model, it will no longer stack with identical models in the Backpack. Build - Property saves are now done at character save times, which should greatly reduce the possible window for data loss on properties. [ Trade]]&nbsp - You will be informed when another player declines trade or is otherwise busy. General - Particle effects should now show up correctly. Screenshots - The default location for your in-game screenshots will be the My Pictures folder the LEGO Universe folder (when you first bring up the client, it will move over all your existing screenshots automatically). - The default screenshot format has been changed from Bitmap to JPEG (this can still be altered by changing the SCREENSHOT_FORMAT entry in the lwo.xml configuration file.

31 August 2010 (0.190.24)

Front End - When deleting a character, you will no longer snap to the first character. Avant Gardens - You can no longer get stuck behind the trees at the Sentinel Camp. Nimbus Station - Fixed bug in the concert instrument Quick-Builds, where you would get into a bad state if you smashed yourself while Quick-Building. Forbidden Valley - Only one player loots the treasure chest after killing the dragon in the Dragon Den. LEGO Club You can now reliably enter the LEGO Club door. Property - You can cancel the Property Description dialog by taking off your Thinking Hat, hitting the blue checkmark or switching Minifigure. - You cannot close the description dialog in any other way, while the text is being validated or if there are red words displayed in the window. Build - All interrupted Brick Mode sessions (due to client or server disconnects) are now captured and re-created upon re-entry. Friends - Mail will now show the sender’s approved name, even if the name has been approved since they sent the mail. [ Chat]]&nbsp - The behavior chat filter is now even more robust. Racing - Imagination crate is shaded correctly. General - All Rocketlauncher icons are consistent and updated. - You will receive clearer communication on what’s happening when a name is approved or later changed by a Mythran.

30 August 2010 (0.190.23)

Venture Explorer - Story plaquesnow refer to Sky Lane as the captain of the spaceship. Gnarled Forest - You will see a faster falling anchor in the Ape fight. Forbidden Valley - Brick Fury’s health bar is now visible. - You will now be able to smash the crypt statue. Racing - Rear car panel should no longer be missing bricks. - “Wrong Way” message works correctly. - The lap counter now acts consistently at the start of the second race. - The Racing Leaderboard now appears only if you finish a race. Mail - It will now be possible to send stacks of items through mail. Pets - When renaming a pet, closing the naming rules dialog will properly return you to the rename dialog. Build - Connectivity has been improved in Brick Mode. Audio - You now have music on you Avant Garden property! General - Chat bubbles will stay on screen longer.

27 August 2010 (0.190.22)

Build - The “Shift” key allows you to pick up and drop modules more reliably. Shooting Gallery - Shooting Gallery score summary is now displayed. Audio - Cave ambiences added to Gnarled Forest. General - Shields and decals added for equipable Minifigure items. -Consumables will no longer vanish from paperdoll or the action bar when running out of them.

26 August 2010 (0.190.21)

Front End - When you log into the game while it is closed, you will now see the appropriate message. Avant Gardens - Mech turrets no longer flash a white plane. Forbidden Valley - The Brick Puzzle in the Paradox Refinery now works. Build - Placement of large models on player Property is now more reliable. - You now auto-kick non-Best Friends when donning your Thinking Hat to edit property. Pets - Pets tell you what is required if you are unable to have them use an ability. Audio - User Interface – now with sound! - New sounds for loot pick-up. General - Mouse cursor is no longer flickering when playing on a Mac. - Bob Tips should now appear above missions, mail, and other windows, preventing any unintended window closing.

26 August 2010 (0.190.20)

Front End - Losing connection to the server between character select and the loading screen will no longer leave you with a white screen forever. Build - Moving the mouse quickly while clicking on a block no longer causes the block to jump far away from mouse.

25 August 2010 (0.190.19)

Avant Gardens - Epsilon’s muzzle flash now shows up correctly. Property - You should no longer fall through elevator platform while trying to complete the Maelstrom Pushback. Build - You are once again able to load models in Brick Build. Racing - Only one car spawns for every player racing. Chat - While speaking to a Game Master, you’ll now see the actual text instead of “## ##”. General - Updated effects for the dragon pets. - If a world server shuts down, the server will save all characters in that world.

25 August 2010 (0.190.18)

Venture Explorer - Bob’s display screen now has its proper effects. Avant Gardens - Monument elevators now flash before smashing themselves. Gnarled Forest - The gameplay guiding light beam has been restored to the Pirate hiding in the barrel. Forbidden Valley - Quick-Build consoles at the Paradox Facility now appear in the same location during the building and built phases. Racing - The mission to collect 9 Imagination orbs during a race can now be completed on both race tracks. Build - In Brick Mode, bricks that cannot be placed glow bright red. Property - Property plaque does not appear until after the Maelstrom Pushback has been completed. Mail - Players can now use mail in German. General - All in-game moderator characters are henceforth known as “Mythrans”. - Beast Master Achievement should now count pets properly.

24 August 2010 (0.190.17)

Nimbus Station - Concert instrument builds work more consistently. Starbase 3001 - Minifigures in Starbase 3001 are now called Hess LaCoil and Otto Matic. Property - When a player arrives at a property with smashed models on it, bricks on the ground is all that they will see. Equipment - Left-handed items no longer flip 180 degrees in your hand after you double jump.

23 August 2010 (0.190.16)

Nimbus Station - Non player characters now appear correctly in the mission pop-ups. Build - The text field on chat blocks can now extend beyond the edge of the behavior editor canvas. Mail - Mail knows when your inventory is full, and will no longer appear to delete attachments. Backpack - Icons have been updated. Chat - Chat artwork has been updated. Pets - In the crab, crocodile, and skunk minigames, the darker blue color has been replaced with yellow, to avoid color confusion.

23 August 2010 (0.190.15)

Avant Gardens - You should no longer be able to get stuck behind the trees against the Sentinel wall. Nimbus Station - Physics near the entrance to the concert area has been fixed so you no longer get stuck. Gnarled Forest - There is no longer invisible terrain next to the bridge near Pirate Arch. Forbidden Valley - Platform has been fixed, so Brick Fury no longer floats. Pet Cove - It is no longer possible to get stuck under the Quick-Build bridge. Property - Property Navigation will default to Sort By Reputation. - You earn reputation when someone stays on your property for more than 5 minutes. Behaviors - There is now a 100 strip limit across all states. - Chat clock’s input does not change unless you change it yourself. Audio - New and improved Achievement sound. - New sword sound. General - You can no longer use emotes while in the Shooting Gallery.

20 August 2010 (0.190.14)

Gnarled Forest - Race track obstacles have been balanced. Build - When in Behavior Mode, right and left clicking both work at a distance. - Clicking outside the Behavior Editor will no longer cause the editor to stop functioning. - To delete behavior blocks, you now drop them onto the palette instead of anywhere outside the canvas. General - You will no longer lose coins when smashed on a battle instance. - You will be able to emote using the Speedchat menu again.

19 August 2010 (0.190.13)

Forbidden Valley - Brick Fury now has a muzzle flash when he shoots his gun. Foot Race - The Foot Race timer is now visible if you open the News Screen as the race is starting. Mail - Composing mail should now always show the correct cost. User Interface - There’s a new icon image for the Maelstrom Hammer.

19 August 2010 (0.190.12)

Behaviors - Drop down boxes that have lost focus will no longer stay in the behavior editor. - You are no longer able to befriend a Game Master.

19 August 2010 (0.190.11)

Front End - When logging in to an account without any created Minifigures, backing out of Character Create will no longer cause the new/delete buttons to disappear. Forbidden Valley - The red dragon platform should now have the correct collision. - The dragon tooth icon is now black like the in-game asset. Vendors - Selling and buying back items in quantities will now result in the correct amount of currency being exchanged. Behaviors - Leaving property and returning should no longer cause you to lose behaviors. - Empty state tabs should now disappear from editor, and should no longer cause additional block malfunctions. Pets - All pieces in the warthog pet taming puzzle are now un-clickable. Racing - You will not be able to emote during racing. - If you crash while racing, you will respawn at 40 % of top speed and with half of your Imagination (rounding up). Leaderboards - Racing leaderboards should no longer stay onscreen after exiting racing. Mail - You can remove items from mail the same way as from trade and other user interfaces. General - LEGO Dice skill now works. - You won’t be attacked before the loading screen goes away.

18 August 2010 (0.190.10)

Front End - Custom name field is now limited to 24 characters. Avant Gardens - Grass no longer clips with plant structure. Forbidden Valley - Random items should no longer appear under the roots leading to the tree. Starbase 3001 - Model Vendor’s anvil icon now depicts Minifigure with different clothes. Behaviors - Behavior cloud tooltips will no longer block editor buttons. - Now showing username behavior names in the Backpack. - Now showing the submit button for renaming behaviors when you open the behavior editor. Chat - Blacklisted words are now being highlighted when whispering to Best Friends. General - Item rollover now shows the correct sell amounts. - Buying back items function now works. - Quick-Builds are now interrupted when enemies attack you (unless using assembly skill).

17 August 2010 (0.190.9)

Backpack - Faction Kits now have a unique icon in your Backpack when receiving them from the Faction Representative. Gnarled Forest - “Rattle the Bones” Achievement now shows the skeleton cage. - Pet taming mini-game puzzle pieces are now showing correctly for all pets in Gnarled Forest. Forbidden Valley - “Bang a Gong” Achievement now shows the Dragon Gong, replacing the Bell Shrine. -The white ninja gi is now… white. Pet Cove - Boomerang asset has been changed to a Frisbee. Build - The correct text now appears when hovering over your tools in Brick Mode and Model Mode. Passport - The flag icons in the worlds now match the flags in the Passport. General - Faction Tokens now look like tokens, and not stamps. - Missions with a choice of rewards will now display a text to reduce confusion around having a choice versus getting everything displayed.

16 August 2010 (0.190.8)

Forbidden Valley -Smashables have been added in the Cavalry Hill scene.

13 August 2010 (0.190.7)

Nimbus Station - Trees have been added. Forbidden Valley - Fire effects have been added to the flying dragon’s attacks in the Dragon Battle. User Interface - Faction Tokens no longer have placeholder icons. - Mission names have been updated. Build - Models are now placed on their lowest point, so for instance rocket modules are no longer imbedded in the ground. Behaviors - Large property models with a “follow” behavior will no longer follow indefinitely.

13 August 2010 (0.190.6)

Reward Models - Raft model should be correct now. Passport - Achievements are now positioned correctly in the Passport.

12 August 2010 (0.190.5)

Front End -Front end links to various pages such as Sign in, Forgot password, and Registration now directs you to the right local page. User Interface - Minimap icons now update properly. - Mission names in the Backpack will no longer overlap. - Window size will now change with resolution changes, etc. Pets - The correct total number of pets in a zone summary table now shows up. General - Coins now show the new U from the logo instead of the old hand logo.

12 August 2010 (0.190.4)

Front End - Text on the “wrong password” dialog box when deleting a character no longer overlaps the arrow button. Avant Gardens - Monument elevators do not smash until they reach the top anymore. Gnarled Forest - You should no longer be able to stand on the plants near the launch pad from Nimbus Station. Behavior - The drop down menus in the behavior editor have been fixed. Property - Gnarled Forest property build area is now correctly sized. Chat - You are yet again able to type the letter ‘d’ in chat.

12 August 2010 (0.190.3)

Forbidden Valley - Dragon will no longer look strange when hit with special-effect color glow weapons. - “Great Ninja Gate” is now “Ravencloud Gate”. Build - The saving as well as the loading user interface has been fixed. Usable models such as rockets and cars are not placeable on a player’s property and grayed out in Model Mode, or a message is displayed with information on this. Property - You will no longer incorrectly be told that your property is approved by a moderator, if the access type is set to “public” immediately after completing the property tutorial missions. User Interface - Interaction icons will appear higher up if the object has a name.

11 August 2010 (0.190.2)

Avant Gardens - Paths up the monument can no longer be skipped for a lower finish time. Options - Resolution switching has a confirmation dialog. - Options menu buttons has the correct selection state. - Minimizing chat or minimap, resizing, then reopening chat or minimap will no longer cause those widgets to be in the wrong location. Skills and Items - The anvil will now disappear just as it drops the last loot. Build - Minimap no longer appears in build mode with venture gear equipped. - Releasing outside of a button on the action bar in Model and Brick Mode will no longer cause the button to appear selected. - Build Mode action bar buttons now have a twofold tooltip which first shows the name of the tool and after a moment it expands to a more descriptive tooltip. Chat - Banned words are now being banned when you whisper to a Best Friend.

10 August 2010 (0.190.1)

Gnarled Forest - Loot from sharks will not get stuck in air when using money magnet under sharks. Race - The ‘Wrong Way’ notice should now disappear as soon as you crash. Build - Group controls have been docked to the left side of the screen instead of between the undo/redo buttons in Brick Build.

9 August 2010 (0.190.0)

Front End - We now have a LEGO logo outro! - Icon for game patcher has been changed. - You should no longer get stuck at the “Submitting Username” screen. - The patcher and client no longer explicitly require administrator access to the computer. - Continuous spinning during character creation has been fixed. - New spawn animation plays when you log in to the game. Venture Explorer - There are no more missing textures on the Spaceship. - You will now be properly stunned while viewing the cinematic showing Sky Lane. Avant Gardens - The air bouncer on the orange path now has a wind effect. - There’s no longer an invisible collision at the entrance to the Spiderling Cave. - Camera cinematic showing the Monument now plays after building the bridge Quick-Build. - Players who salute most Sentinel characters in-game will receive salutes back. Nimbus Station - Fixed physics on the shoreline rocks so you no longer clip through some of the areas. - Camera returns after cinematics have been improved. - Rad Eccles’ first 3 missions to trade crystals for backpack space are now more explicit; you get one slot for each crystal. - It is no longer possible to get stuck on the mission giver when pressing ‘Escape’ after cancelling out of reward selection for Faction or Kit missions. Gnarled Forest - More mushrooms have been added to the respawn area of the jail. - If you hit the Maelstrom Chest from too short a distance, only you, not those around you, will be smashed. - Changed the mouth of the tortoise. - The organ is now a minigame! Click on the piano keys and play some sweet music. - Shooting Gallery targets have been improved. - If a ninja is freed in Gnarled Forest, he shows up in Forbidden Valley. -Lion taming puzzle fixed! If you timeout during the puzzle, you will be able to try again. Forbidden Valley - You now have to wear the ninja cowl to earn the Ninja Cowl Achievement. - Locations for all pets have been adjusted, so all pieces for the puzzles are selectable. - Ronin now have a taunt animation. - It is now more obvious when the dragon hits you. - The ‘Repair 3 Pipes’ mission now should be registering properly. - Trees in the mantis temple area now have their foliage back. Pet Cove - Now has a soundtrack! Starbase 3001 - Showcase models now rotate and hover. LEGO Club - Added info that the teleport takes you back to Nimbus Station. Property - You can no longer gain health, imagination or armor recharge on property that has been claimed. - You will now receive a pop-up message and an in-game email when your property has been approved or rejected. - Property boundaries should now be visible. - Changing property access no longer requires changing name/description too. Build Modes - When entering brick mode, selection tool will now always be selected by default. - Chat will minimize when entering Build Mode. - You no longer lose bricks when server crashes while you’re in Brick Mode. - Brick Mode will no longer crash when attempting to place a brick in an invalid location. - Transparent bricks now work properly in brick-by-brick mode. - The rotate button has been fixed. - All castle models now align correctly. - Several reward models which could not previously be placed are now placeable. Behaviors - “Follow” now faces the movement-direction and will no longer miss the target. - Best Friends can now trade and open custom behaviors. - Behavior names can have foreign characters. Racing - Once the loot tables are set up, racing rewards will scale based on number of racers, as originally designed. - New and improved racing intro cinematic. Pets - The pet taming mini-games now have music. Skills and Items - Added lightning to the Lightning Sky Sword. - Daredevil Fire Extinguisher has been fixed. - Updated magnet hold effect. - Updated glow shaders Buccaneer and Space Marauder. - Using the fortress turret, you are now once again immune to enemies. Chat - Chat commands can have foreign characters. - Word suggest now appears correctly, no matter the size of the chat window. Backpack - The layout has been updated. Trade - Rockets and cars no longer have a trade issue. Friends - You should be able to ask an existing friend to be your friend. - Friendlier friends list… User Interface - Missions will be sorted properly in the passport. - Mission complete tooltips now properly display the icon. - ‘Escape’ will now properly close tooltips. General - You will now respawn with 4 Health, 6 Imagination and no armor. - Invisible wall should no longer be an issue. - There is now a reward for earning 1,000 Reputation. - Options menu no longer causes incorrect window dimensions at certain resolutions.

7 August 2010 (0.189.13)

User Interface - The minigame user interface will no longer act up when you leave the game. Private Property - The property manager now shows the number of days the property has existed instead of the date it was created.

6 August 2010 (0.189.11)

Friends - The social menu should now read ‘blocked’ in all instances of ignored. Forbidden Valley - The mission art has been updated. Foot Race - You will no longer get stuck at the end of the foot race, if you finish it with less than one second left. Maps - World Maps now include useful tips.

6 August 2010 (0.189.10)

Forbidden Valley - A Dragon Battle Map has been added to the Universe Map. Front End - The list of names in the Namenator has been updated. Chat - The list of words on the whitelist has been updated.

5 August 2010 (0.189.9)

Front End - The list of available Namenator names has been updated. Forbidden Valley - All objects now have physics and collisions, even on low spec computers. Nimbus Station - All objects now have physics and collisions, even on low spec computers. - You can now complete the “A Licensed Technician” achievement. Racing - The racing lobby timer should now appear after a player exits and re-enters the queue. Behaviors - Behavior names now have a limited character length. - Creature dropdown is now re-enabled. Chat - Clicking on ‘Word Suggest’ should no longer cause the chat box to become stuck open. User Interface - The ‘f’ key now toggles the friends list. Build - You will no longer lose bricks when a server crash occurs while in Brick Mode. - The correct message should now appear when first using “Bring Into” a model.

5 August 2010 (0.189.8)

Build - You can no longer duplicate parts in a modular build by dragging the icon of an equipped model to the ghosts and hitting shift. Mini-games - If you are in the queue for racing or survival and hit ESC you will now exit the queue as you should. - If you close the race queue popup after hitting “Start” but before countdown ends, you will now exit the queue as expected. Chat - Best Friends are now unable to send blacklisted words in private chat. GM’s can’t use blacklisted words either.

4 August 2010 (0.189.7)

Build - Reward models are now usable immediately after unlocking them. User Interface - There are new hotkeys for Speedchat (‘c’), Map (‘m’), Help Menu (‘h’), and News (‘n’) now have hotkeys associated with them. Property - You will now receive a pop-message and in-game mail when your private property is approved or rejected by moderation. Forbidden Valley - Going to Forbidden Valley Small Property should no longer redirect you to the login screen. Avant Gardens Survival - In the Survival Instance, the pre-game timer should no longer reset to 60 seconds every time a player presses “Start” while in groups of 3 or 4. - In the Survival Instance, the “Exit” button should no longer disappear if two players leave a 3-4 player game between matches. - Health , Imagination, and Armor are now replenished when you exit the Survival Instance. - The leaderboard will now go away whenever you exit the Survival Instance. - The pre-game timer will no longer start automatically, but instead when you press the “Start” button. Patcher - All patcher languages are now available. - The patcher now supports Mac. - You can now use the Full Download option in the patcher without problems.

3 August 2010 (0.189.5)

Avant Gardens - Tutorial arrows will no longer stick on-screen or go away too fast. Forbidden Valley - Your Life, Armor, and Imagination will automatically be filled up when you load into the Dragon Den Instance. Race - Player names now appear correctly in leaderboards. Build - You will once again receive correct brick refunds even if the server or client shuts down while building in Brick Mode.

2 August 2010 (0.189.4)

Property - A tester gets booted from another tester’s property if that property is rejected by the moderators. - Property details now display the proper description and title in all cases. Forbidden Valley - The “Roar” emote is now awarded upon completion of Numb Chuck’s “The Way of the Dragon” mission. Passport - The “Ninja Warlord” achievement now has the correct text to go with it.

30 July 2010 (0.189.3)

Avant Gardens - The tutorial for Epsilon’s new weapon mission should now function correctly. - The tutorial arrow for speedchat/salute during Beck’s mission no longer gets stuck on screen. Forbidden Valley - The Dragon Instance lobby no longer uses the Survival Instance lobby screen. - You can now complete “The System is Down” repeatable mission. - Goat pets no longer have placeholder names. LEGO Club - The LEGO Club popup will now display the correct URL. Property - All Medium Property launchpads have been removed. General - Falling through worlds on lower-spec computers should be greatly reduced. 29 July 2010 (0.189.2) Front End - You will now only get the error message that your account is locked, when this is in fact the case. Property - Exceeding the property plaque’s character limit will no longer bypass word filtering. General - You should no longer encounter invisible walls. 27 July 2010 (0.189.1) Front End - New Minifigures will now be able to load into the Venture Explorer the first time they attempt to enter the game. Missions - The user interface for missions now appears properly. 26 July 2010 (0.189.0) Log In - You will see a unique message that your account is temporarily locked if you have tried logging in 3 times with invalid passwords. Passport - Missions have been sorted properly in the passport. - Armor Power-Ups should now be tracked properly in your passport stats. - The amounts for Total Distance Traveled and Total Imagination are now accurate. - The sound for completing achievements has been changed. User Interface - If you are in the middle of changing zones while being invited to join a group, you will receive the invite when you are zoned in. - Loading screens now appear correctly. General - Loot will not be deleted when falling from sharks or other objects placed at large heights. - You will no longer lose bricks after a client crash. - Characters should not get “out of sync” when the server crashes at certain important times in their lives. - The mission giver light will no longer disappear inappropriately. - You will no longer see missions you cannot get. - There is a new fountain reward model. - There is a new soundtrack for rocket animations. Racing - You will no longer be able to start racing after the 3-2-1 countdown. - Chat while racing has been improved. - Music cues have been added to both race tracks. - You will load into a race track with the car you double click on. Property - You will no longer get stuck when opening property manager quickly after closing it. - You now have to complete the property tutorial missions before others can get to your property. - All property guards teleport away after their last mission is completed. Build - The part connections for the rocket and car icons have been improved. - Anytime you enter a build, your weapons are now unequipped. They are reequipped when you leave the build. Behaviors - Interrupting a looping behavior with state changing will no longer cause the behavior to wait for an unnecessary length of time before restarting. - The restart block will now cause the model to fade out instead of playing the smash animation. - Static models no longer rotate upon collision with other objects. - Models will no longer float away when properties are paused of after low-speed collisions. Trade - The buyback inventory size has changed from 20 to 24. - Models with behaviors attached to them can now be traded and retain their behaviors. - New vendor windows with new colors, new button, and new “locked” item text. Pets - You will no longer get stuck before the naming prompt the first time you tame a pet. - Pets will go to their dig locations more reliably now. - The warthog is now tameable. Friends/Best Friends - The Best Friends system is up and running again. - Friend requests are no longer missed if received while you are changing zones. - Best Friends should be able to free chat again. - You can now have up to 50 Friends/Best Friends. - Friend requests will no longer repeat. Skills - A celebration emote has been added. - Transition times have been changed to make jumping and double jumping a little better with the run transition. - Many updates to the visual effects for various attacks. Chat - Typed text will once again turn red, if it is not on the whitelist. - The chat window is now slightly smaller, but the amount of viewable text is greater due to margin changes. Backpack All inventory item deletion dialogs now repeat so you can confirm before losing anything. - Faction tokens will now stack if your inventory is full. - Backpack will no longer get stuck off screen when reducing screen size. Venture Explorer - Rocket launch music plays correctly. Avant Gardens - The Survival Instance has new music. - Music has been added to the monument race. - Added butterfly. Bees and lady bugs to the launch pad area. - Swapped showcase and sentinel encampment vendor locations. -Added a cinematic to sentinel engineer lumber mission. Nimbus Station - Launching multiple rockets to Pet Cove will no longer cause rockets to become temporarily stuck on-screen. - There are now rocks where there were previously invisible walls blocking players from walking behind the buildings in Brick Annex. Gnarled Forest - Camera showing hanging sharks has been adjusted to match new position of hanging sharks. - Moving platform no longer becomes transparent when walked on. Forbidden Valley - The Dragon fight is now an Instance, accessible from the refinery via a statue. - Gongs have been moved into their proper places. - The ramp leading up to the left side of the middle dragon should no longer cause you to get stuck behind the wall. - Dragon loot has been updated. - Quick-Build platform leading to Numb Chuck is no longer slow building. Pet Cove - The treasure chest dig next to the terrier pets has been removed. Starbase 3001 - Wall textures are now properly aligned. - Added models for showcase display in Starbase 3001.

30 July 2010 (0.188.11d)

Login - Fixed issue where players were getting stuck at "Submit Username" step of login.

12 July 2010 (0.188.0)

Front End - Intro cinematic has been revised. Venture Explorer - Skylane’s idle is improved. Avant Gardens - Visual and physics improvements to the battle area. - Closed holes in flower beds. - Rocket pads have been aligned to terrain and effects. - Battlefield beacon Quick-Builds now work correctly. - Epsilon’s jet pack has been fixed. Nimbus Station - You should no longer become stuck completing Mardolf’s modular build mission to receive the Assembly faction stamp. - The walls near the LEGO Club vendor are now as solid as good walls ought to be. - Johnny Thunder’s images have been updated to match his new look. Pet Cove - The floating pet dig treasure chest has been removed. - Physics improvements have been made near Cat and Terrier areas. Gnarled Forest - Pirate Trench Chests will not double spawn when smashed. - Names of in-game characters have been updated. - Collision for the pirate arch wall in Gnarled Forest now behaves as expected. - Maelstrom crates will smash correctly. Forbidden Valley - You can no longer fall through the rocks near the entrance gate to Forbidden Valley. - A new gate has been created for the Dragon Scene. - The Dragon vs. Troll fight animations have been updated. - Candles no longer disappear. - Dragon animations have changed. LEGO Club - The physics for the LEGO Club area have been improved. Build Modes and Behaviors - Private properties are back! - Your last brick mode session is now automatically recovered and placed on property when you return after a disconnect. - The rotation action has been fixed. - Removing certain behaviors no longer makes you disconnect. - Building models with multi-part bricks now work correctly and all parts fly out when smashed. - Your Thinking Hat is no longer unequipped by hitting the escape key after a modular build. - Pirate models work in brick mode now. - More bricks have been added for use in Brick Mode! Friends - Best Friends is here! - Best friends can send personal messages to each other with no chat restrictions. - Best friends can go to each other’s property regardless of moderation state. Pets - The action bar has been updated, so that Imagination bar appears in the pet taming mini-games. - Effects for the pet bouncers have been updated.

11 July 2010 (0.187.0)

Front End - The new character intro video is in! - Bright yellow is no longer available as a shirt color in character create. - The character delete password confirmation box is now case-sensitive. - Gorilla and cannon effects were updated. Pets - The bunny should now be fully tamable. - The Imagination you use to tame pets will now be subtracted correctly. - You will no longer risk losing your pet, when you disconnect before your pet’s name has been approved. - Pets now go to their Pet Bouncer switches more consistently. Avant Gardens - Monument lasers now cause an upward knockback which makes you trip the trigger again, if you stand still on the laser. - Names of characters in-game have been updated. - Brick drop rate in Avant Gardens has been doubled. - Token drop rate from baby spiders has been decreased. - Sliding backwards while using the launchpad to Nimbus Station is no longer an issue. Gnarled Forest - Crates near Pirate Mechanic have been moved. - The hanging sharks now respawn faster. - Names of characters in-game have been updated. - Token drop rate on pirates in trench area has been increased slightly. Forbidden Valley - Names of characters in-game have been updated. - The token drop rate from cavalry and ronin has been decreased slightly. Nimbus Station - Names of characters in-game have been updated. Pet Cove - Names of characters in-game have been updated. Racing - You now respawn appropriately. - Message at Gnarled Forest race track has been updated. Note that you do not have to complete the entire Nimbus Station race mission in order to race at Gnarled Forest – all you need is Velocity Lane’s first two missions under your belt and a car! - Vehicles cannot collide after having crossed the finish line. User Interface - The friends list now also works while you interact with vendors and while you are in Modular Build mode. - The action bar has been updated. - News screen will close when you get hit. - You get stunned when viewing News so you can’t create a blocker by interacting. - Trades can no longer be accepted or held open when going out of range. - Tutorials arrows should now behave better. Faction Kits and Items - Samurai and knight triggers should now activate when you wear 4 pieces of the same rank and run out of armor. - Daredevil “Danger Sense” bonus skill now shows all normal minibosses in the standard game world. - Various guns and ranged weapons have had descriptions added. - The 3 ninja gis (karate outfits) now have a “left hand” skill that throws a spread of 3 projectiles. - Hiccup tablets now grant 3 Imagination instead of 1 and have a 10 second cooldown. - Lowered prices on Specialty Kit items (coins and tokens). Movement - Moving platforms have a smooth motion once again. - Smashable bricks should now appear to have a smoother motion. Mail - You now properly get mail that contains activity reward items that didn’t fit in your backpack. Models - The Ninja Fortress model set is now in the game. - Many various LUP models are now in the game. Achievements - The Twenty-Time Champion achievement in racing now awards the black Thrust Bucket car package. - The pet menu no longer overlaps with the armor bar. Chat - The word filter cannot be bypassed by whispering. - The word suggest list is no longer focused by default. Pressing up or mousing over one of the entries will grant it focus. - Speedchat is no longer accessible from shooting gallery or racing. - It is now possible to click on a player’s name in chat and bring up the player context menu. Mail - Word suggest and word filtering has been fixed when composing mail messages. Skills and Items - Full group of enemies will be knocked back when the skill demands it. - Loot and coins will find better terrain positions to land on. - Action bar removes tooltips when skills are removed. - Several skills have been updated. - All speed boost skills gives you 50% speed bonus. - The armor repair charge up for the Assembly faction kit weapons now charges faster and repairs more armor. Audio - Audio mutes during client shutdown. - Music will now play when using certain rocket launch pads. - Music will now play when completing the rocket builds on the Venture Explorer. - New music for Pirate Strombies and Captains, Ronin and Mounted, Emotes, Venture Explorer leaving cinematics, Avant Gardens arrival cinematic, Gnarled Forest Gorilla, Pets and Smashables. Inventory - Modular build rockets and cars now show unique roll-over icons for inventory. - You are now able to spend your last coin. - All placeholder icons in your backpack have been replaced with unique ones. - Paperdoll updates correctly. - Only consumable items can be dropped into the consumable slot. Passport - Hovering the mouse over an item in the rewards section of a Mission or Achievement will now show the full item details. - There are now 9 more “player statistics” on the first page of the passport related to racing. - Racing Imagination pickups now register as player statistics. News Screen - The news screen will now show the proper achievement information. Trade - You will no longer lose items after trading. Vendors - Consumable stack size will now update properly when selling to a vendor.

10 July 2010 (0.186.6)

Pets - If a pet name fails moderation, you will now see the rename pet dialog. Nimbus Station - The quickbuilds in the concert area will no longer create instruments that last forever… Best Friends - The Best Friends button has been disabled. Forbidden Valley -The dragon will now be fully visible on mid-to-min spec machines. - The windy canyons now work. - You can no longer walk through the Ninja Gates without a Ninja Hood. Foot Race - The Foot Race no longer crashes. - The text has been updated. Racing - The minimum number of racers has been set to four.

25 June 2010 (0.186.5)

Model Mode - Neither the game camera nor your Minifigure will get stuck underground or up high after putting down a model. Avant Gardens - Using the launch pad to Nimbus Station will no longer cause you to slide backwards. Nimbus Station Race Track - The “Wrong Way” spawnpoints now work correctly. Gnarled Forest - The fall camera in the ravine now works. Character Creation - There is now a new set of namenator names to choose from.

24 June 2010 (0.186.4)

Pets - Using a space in your pet name will no longer generate an error message. Passport - LEGO Score will now track correctly. - Player stats are now accurate. User Interface - The Orange Barricade model will now have the correct icon in the backpack and the achievement pop-up. - You will now see minimaps and world maps for LUP Station and Club LEGO zones. - Opening up the News Screen will stun your Minifigure.

23 June 2010 (0.186.3)

Character Creation - The character delete password confirmation box is now case-sensitive. User Interface - The stack splitter will now display when buying, selling, or trading stacks of items. Pets - Pet naming entry boxes are limited to 24 characters. Gnarled Forest - The showcases have been removed. - The Medium Property launchpad has been removed. - You can now run across the Tortoise Terrace bouncer to jump. Avant Gardens - The showcases have been removed. - The Medium Property launchpad has been removed. Nimbus Station - The showcases have been removed. - The Medium Property launchpad has been removed.

22 June 2010 (0.186.2)

Avant Gardens - The triceratops should now be tamable. Nimbus Station - The Maelstrom Console now works correctly. - The race track loads much faster. Gnarled Forest - The invisible object in the Elephant Encampment is gone. - The race track loads much faster. Pets - The Pet Paw Icon now appears after taming a pet.

16 June 2010 (0.186.0)

News Screen - Check out the new News Screen! The first time you log into a character in one play session, the News Screen will pop up, featuring news, tips, the 3 achievements you are closest to completing and much more. Racing - The leaderboard has been updated. - The Skull on the Gnarled Forest Race Track now has flames in front of it, so be careful. - A finish line cam has been installed at the Nimbus Station Race Track. Currency - The “Smash Penalty” now removes a greater amount of coins. - The cost of Imagination, life, and armor consumables has been decreased. Faction Kit News - There is now a Clod Chucking Shovel, a Cauldron of Life, an Anvil of Armor, and a Spring of Imagination! Backpack - It is now possible to drag items into the consumable slot on the paperdoll. - You will get a pop up if you try to open any packages that cannot fully unpack into the inventory. Passport - New rollover descriptions have been added for the achievements. - The Avant Gardens Pet Tamer achievement should now show the correct task total. - The mission progress percentage now displays correctly. - Once your custom name is approved by moderation, it will update dynamically in the Passport. Trade - It is now possible to buy, sell, or trade more than one item in a stack by right-clicking the item. Forbidden Valley - Candles now react to water guns. - Check out the Kung Fu gis and the attack skills it gives you. - Maelstrom Cavalry, Ronin and Dragons now smash into the proper bricks. - Numb Chuck’s “Smash Dragon” mission now rewards the Dragon Tooth. Gnarled Forest - Torches now react to water guns. - Also, try spraying water on the campfires. - You no longer have to walk from the cannon by the organ to interact with it again. Nimbus Station Racing - The race track now has banner effects. - The game will no longer freeze, when you exit a Choice Build. - New fantastic visual effects have been added to the race track. Avant Gardens - No more floating trees! - In Survival Instances, you can no longer equip and unequip items while they are smashed. Pets - After successfully completing a pet taming mingame, the animation of your Minifigure building the model will be glitch free. - Players wearing armor will now be kicked from the pet taming minigame, if they are attacked by an enemy. - Pet taming minigame “speed taming” achievements now count the end time as the moment the model is done building. - Pets should no longer stay in the same position as you and “go wild”. - The pet command menu goes away when the pet performs the command. User Interface - You can now click “Report Offensive” on the main help screen or select the “Report Abuse” option on the help request screen to report a player or a user-generated model as offensive. - The Emote Button is now placed below chat. - Clicking names/heads in chat will activate the drop-down menu. - Tooltips have been added to the open dock icons. - Multiple opened windows will now close in reverse-opened order when using the escape key. Database - 58 new reward models have been included! We proudly present the Country Cottage Building Set (complete with kitchen, living room, and library embellishments), the Country Farm Building Set (with barn, silos, tractor, and fencing) and the Ancient Buildings Building Set (including everything you need to make your own Greek and Roman Ruins).

12 June 2010 (0.185.20)

- Fixed issue where you were frequently kicked out of the game.

11 June 2010 (0.185.19)

Pets - Pets can now be named when entering a name after taming your pet. - Issues with pet taming have now been fixed.

11 June 2010 (0.185.18)

Character Create -When creating new characters, you should no longer get stuck at the character name step. Pets - When pets idle, you will no longer get sent back to the log in screen. Racing - The starting line is now staggered 3-3, not 2-2-2. Survival - You can only hit the Start button once.

10 June 2010 (0.185.16)

Brick Mode - Placing either the Car Chassis or Steel Rim Wheels modules in Brick Mode will not cause the game to crash. Exit Page - The option to hide the Game Exit page will no longer appear.

9 June 2010 (0.185.15)

Survival - Clicking the "exit" button after completing a Survival match takes you back to Avant Gardens. Chat - The Speedchat menu now appears correctly. Racing - The boost pads at the Gnarled Forest race track now produces a more consistent boost effect. Loading Times - The loading time when changing maps should now be of an acceptable duration. - The Character Select screen after selecting "Switch Minifigure" now loads faster. Switching Minifigure -Progress is saved when you switch between Minifigures.

8 June 2010 (0.185.14)

Property - Unmoderated properties now display the temporary name "awaiting moderation" in the property navigator. - Models with many unattached bricks no longer cause properties to take a long time to load. Racing - Cars can stop at any point along a vertical section of track and then resume driving. - Cars will no longer repeatedly boost and unboost when on boost pads in the Nimbus Station track. Factions - On mouse over, faction weapons display their damage information correctly. Help Menu - The "Report Offensive" button displays the correct window. - All available buttons now display properly. Moderation - Models are now being sent to the moderation tool. - Property is now sent to the moderation tool.

7 June 2010 (0.185.13)

Minifigure Creation - You are now able to create new Minifigures again. Chat - Selecting the “Report Offensive” button after interacting with another tester will now automatically select the appropriate item in the list on the help menu. Racing - You no longer fall out of the world when running off ramps at an angle. Mail - Attempting to send mail will no longer cause the graphics to freeze. Passport - The Rank 3 Buccaneer achievement will now be awarded properly, allowing you to use the Rank 3 Buccaneer gear.

4 June 2010 (0.185.12)

Factions - Purchasing Rank 2 and Rank 3 equipment will now take the proper amount of coins. Racing - Tab key functionality has been removed. - After clicking through the finish screen, there should no longer be a blank screen. Property - Using the “Report this Property” button at a property plaque will no longer cause you to become stuck. Mail - You are now able to send mail again. Game launcher - The game launcher will automatically update your shortcuts.

3 June 2010 (0.185.11)

Venture Explorer - Boxes have been added to all the double-jump steps leading up to the central platform. - There is a QuickBuild bouncer that can send you to the top of the platform from the launchpad side. Forbidden Valley - The elevator leading to Numb Chuck is now working correctly. Mail - Attempting to send mail with a model you have created attached is now working properly. Chat - The Speedchat menu is now more easy to read. Brick and Model Inventory - Deleting a rocket or a racecar from the backpack gives you bricks, just like other reward models. Faction Kits - If you attempt to pick a class and there is not enough space for all of the kit items, then instead of receiving only some of the items, you will receive a prompt to free up the needed amount of inventory slots. - Faction weapons should now have their correct description in the vendor window. Racing - A race only begins with a minimum of three racers. You cannot enter a race alone.

2 June 2010 (0.185.10)

User Interface - Popup tutorials will now recognize if you are using right or left handed mouse configuration. Bricks - Deleting a reward model in the backpack will now award bricks from that model. Properties - You should be able to visit other players’ moderated properties. Venture Explorer - Boxes have been placed at the double-jump steps to allow testers who are using computers with minimum specifications to get up the stairs. Gnarled Forest - You can now interact with the tiki torches multiple times.

2 June 2010 (0.185.9)

User Interface - The drop down menu no longer has the Best Friends button greyed out. - You should now again be able to create new Minifigures without problems.

31 May 2010 (0.185.8)

&nbsp Front End - The patcher’s executable has been re-named LEGOUniversePatcher.exe (the updater will try to update your shortcuts automatically). - If a player’s local machine is not US English, the game will no longer attempt to create character names in a non-US English language. - You will no longer see “Borontar” in the Namenator and will be able to create characters. Chat - Word Suggest has been turned off. Nimbus Station - In the concert scene, the moving platforms leading up to the Imagination Brick should now align correctly. - In the concert scene, the game should no longer freeze when you are building. Loot - If some other tester runs over your loot, they will no longer “collect” the loot for you.

29 May 2010 (0.185.5)

Backpack - If you receive an item while your backpack is full, the game will now mail it to you instead.

28 May 2010 (0.185.4)

Gnarled Forest - You will be able to properly re-spawn by the Waterfall Property launchpad. Forbidden Valley - You are no longer able to jump off the level near Dragon Bill and become stuck. Build Modes - Attempting to place a brick directly from your inventory outside of the build boundary should no longer cause crashes.

24 May 2010 (0.185.3)

Avant Gardens - Survival Instance leaderboard now displays correctly. Nimbus Station - The Foot Race leaderboard will appear correctly. - The quickbuild by the Inventor’s Assistant will stop spitting imagination after a set amount of time. User Interface - Mousing over the Faction Items now displays the correct UI. - Opening and closing Speedchat will not create additional tabs. - Steampunk Rocket Nosecone now has the correct mouseover info. - The Basic Spear shows the correct mouseover info. Race - There are no mission prerequisites to start the Gnarled Forest raceway. - Players should now be prevented from becoming stuck on the loading screen or the cinematic sequence. - If the loading screen is still visible that means that you are actually still loading. - If the cinematic is playing, then you are waiting for other racers to load. - When those racers are loaded, disconnected, or crash out, the race will immediately start with everyone who is ready.

21 May 2010 (0.185.2)

Property - While in Model Mode, players can only equip hats. - Dialogue loop for renting property has been fixed. Pets - The pet menu should only appear if you have a pet deployed.

19 May 2010 (0.185.1)

Avant Gardens - The monument race is reopened. Forbidden Valley - Numb Chuck’s elevator is now moving.

18 May 2010 (0.185.0)

Game Launcher - Presenting the new patcher! Backpack - There are new icons for when your equipment bag, model bag, or both are full. - When you attempt to pick up a dropped item that would need to go into s full bag, the bag icon will shake. - If you accept another tester’s trade, but your bags are full, a pop-up will notify you that the item cannot fit in your bag. - You can do brick searches in your Brick Bag. Tooltips - The tooltips have been expanded. Model Mode - Models that you name and/or describe will now display that custom name and/or description in your inventory. - Objects can be interacted with, even while held over the Minifigure’s head. - Minifigure movement slows down when holding a model. - Models shouldn’t pierce through other models when placed. Vendors - Vendors are able to trade much faster. Moving Platforms - The moving platforms now run smoother.

17 May 2010 (0.184.10)

Forbidden Valley - You should no longer be able to jump into the crevice scene by the gate. Behaviors - “On Attack” behaviors will now function correctly on Reward Models.

14 May 2010 (0.184.8)

Forbidden Valley - Deleting the Ninja Hood is no longer possible. - Axe Stun Jump attack should now function like the Hammer Jump attack. Game Launcher - You do not have the opportunity to run the game in German or UK English - Pressing “Enter” while the game launcher is open no longer cause it to crash

13 May 2010 (0.184.7)

Missions - Mission text should be easier to read. Behaviors - Saving a behavior that is applied to a reward model no longer sends you back to the property screen. - Behaviors will now remain saved on models you put in your inventory. Pets - Use the Shift key to interact with the Pet Bouncers. Shooting Gallery - The shooting Gallery reward sequence has been improved. Forbidden Valley - You should no longer be able to fall out of the world

13 May 2010 (0.184.6)

Avant Gardens - Equipping Numb Chuck’s Maelstrom Staff should no longer crash the client. Gnarled Forest - You should no longer become stuck in terrain in Brig Rock - The ninja mannequins now have a finished model, and not red boxes. Forbidden Valley - “Teasing the Guards”-mission now have the correct mission text. - Taming a panda pet now completes the mission to tame a panda. - Getting stuck by the Dog Statue is not an issue anymore. - Property launchers now have the correct signage. Behaviors - Unnecessary blocks were removed. - Adding a first behavior to a reward model now works. Skills - Hammer and Axe double-jump attacks now work correctly. Foot Race - Nimbus Station Foot Race is now active!

12 May 2010 (0.184.5)

Model Mode - Attempting to pick up a model while “wobbling” and then exiting Model Mode quickly will no longer cause your Minifigure to become stuck. Brick Mode - If you stay in Brick Mode with no activity for over 5 minutes, exiting Brick Mode will not make you crash. Behaviors - Unsupported Action Blocks have been removed. Nimbus Station - The launchpad from to Gnarled Forest is now surrounded by trees. - The launchpad to Pet Cove is now accessible. - Summary cinematic was added to the Gnarled Forest property launcher. - You should no longer become stuck in the concert area entrance. Gnarled Forest - The ninja mannequins now have a finished model. Backpack - All inventory slots that appear are able to be used. Pets - The Panda Pet is now tamable after you finish the Footrace. - The Red Dragon Pet has become tamable. Racing - Fixed an issue where you could get stuck waiting for a race map to load and never make it through. - You no longer float above the car when racing.

11 May 2010 (0.184.4)

Modular Build - You can no longer clone rocket parts. Model Mode - You can now place models everywhere on your property. Behaviors - The “Go Home” block is working. Pets - You can now see your own pet names whether they have been moderated or not. - The Shift key allows you to interact with Pet Bouncers, if you have a pet on the bouncer. Nimbus Station - Flags now appear in Nimbus Station Forbidden Valley - The Summary Screen shows the correct values. Thinking Hat - Check out the new Thinking Hat!

7 May 2010 (0.184.3)

Forbidden Valley - Forbidden Valley is open! Pet Cove - You will now see approval or rejection messages for pet names.

6 May 2010 (0.184.2)

Venture Explorer - Imagination orbs now reappear in the spaceship. Racing - You can no longer start racing too soon! Gnarled Forest - The crab pet area has been improved. Backpack - The items you collect now stack properly - Reward items from achievements and missions should now be visible upon receipt.

5 May 2010 (0.184.1)

Nimbus Station - The Nimbus Station race instance now goes to the Gnarled Forest race map. Pet Cove - The rocket cinematic for transition to Nimbus Station has been fixed. - Fixed the image on the Pet Cove launchpad. - Story plaque achievement now works. Property - Property names have been updated. Survival - The game now does a check to see if the Minigame is solo or group when the round starts. Factions - Kit and Faction mission images have been updated. Chat - Word suggest has been turned off.

4 May 2010 (0.184.0)

Behaviors - Behaviors are here! Make your models do all sorts of cool stuff! - Any model type you can drop you will be able to animate. - We have increased the max brick counts for smashables/buildables on mid and high-end machines. Smashes should now be properly epic when your machine can handle it. - The camera will once again properly fade LEGO models that have behaviors on them. Pets - Pets will no longer follow you into pet restricted areas such as the Shooting Gallery. - Your pet will not clip and fall through the balcony at Pet Cove. - The warthog minigame will now shoe the white pieces. - If a custom pet name is rejected, other pets can still be tamed. Trade - You are no longer able to “sell” items of no value. - You can’t sell bound items such as your rocket or models you have built. - Vendors now allow you to buy back unique items. - A full backpack no longer prevents you from completing missions that require inventory trading. Friends - You can no longer add another player as a friend without them accepting your invitation first. If they accept, then it adds you to their list besides adding them to your list. Nimbus Station - The speed reducing skunk stink now wears off after some time. Build Modes - Display messages have been updated. Model Mode - The appearance of picking up and dropping models has been updated. - Models will no longer clip on top of each other if they are picked up and dropped quickly. - You should no longer become stuck while modular building. - Property models can now move through smashed models. Brick Mode - If you remove your Thinking Hat while in Brick Mode your model will be saved correctly. Property - If you are on someone else’s property, you will be given a warning if the property is being deleted and the area is being closed. After 60 seconds, you will be transferred back to the property launcher. Racing - There is now an achievement to collect 10 hidden flags around the Gnarled Forest Race Track. - Collectibles can now be collected while you are driving. Gnarled Forest - The imagination required for most quickbuilds has been adjusted. Nimbus Station - Mardolf’s Assistant in the Brick Annex will now convert Blue Imaginite Crystals into extra backpack space. - There have been various mission changes… Forbidden Valley - Forbidden Valley is now open!

30 April 2010 (0.183.8)

Property - You should be able to place models on the entire property. Namenator - The list of names has been updated. Mail - Mail has been disabled.

29 April 2010 (0.183.7)

Mail - User generated models cannot be sent in the mail. Racing - Car modules no longer become stuck in the walls of Modular Car Build.

29 April 2010 (0.183.6)

Missions - Mission giver icons should now update according to your mission status. Racing - Racing maps are now loaded when you enter either Gnarled Forest or Nimbus Station. Property - You are now able to place models anywhere on your property. Trade - Faction tokens can’t be traded.

27 April 2010 (0.183.5)

Racing - After landing a jump or grinding against a wall, the race car should no longer be pushed into the ground, stopped, pushed backwards, or flipped over. Namenator - If a Namenator name is already taken, a message will state this and you will be able to go back a step in the naming process. - The Namenator lists have been edited. Pets - Pieces in the pet taming minigames should now be selectable. Gnarled Forest - The platform in the Pirate Brig area should no longer allow Minifigures to fall through it.

23 April 2010 (0.183.4)

Racing - Landing in a “divot” in the track will no longer cause your car to become stuck. - The race car chassis should appear in the vendor window consistently. Namenator - The Namenator should now allow Minifigures with just a 3-word suggested name and no custom name to be created. - The words in the Namenator have been edited. Chat - Holding down TAB while the chat window is active will no longer cause the game to freeze.

21 April 2010 (0.183.3)

Namenator - If you select “cancel” at the last step of name creation, you will be sent back to the screen that allows you to change your custom name. - Hitting “enter” after entering a custom name will now work the same as clicking the “play” button. - If a submitted name comes back as Unavailable, then you should still be able to go back and customize the Minifigure. Property - After smashing your Minifigure on the Avant Gardens small property, it will rebuild on the property. Nimbus Station - Robot dogs will now appear in areas that won’t interfere with the Rocket Build area. Pet Cove - It you jump over the fence and into the water, you will respawn in a safe place. Shooting Gallery - You should not become stuck in the Shooting Gallery. - Ranks are now displayed correctly on the leaderboard. Survival - You should no longer become stuck in the Survival lobby. Trade - Items can be dragged in and out of trade, and the trade window will update accordingly.

20 April 2010 (0.183.2)

Launchpads - Car models cannot be used as “rockets” to travel between worlds anymore. Race - There is a new race summary screen. Shooting Gallery - You should no longer become stuck, if you are smashed while in the Shooting Gallery. Trade - Items removed from trade will not display in either tester’s trade window. Properties - For now, you can only visit your own property. Pet Taming - “Wild” crabs and warthogs should now spawn in locations that will allow the pet taming minigame to load in playable areas. Rocket Build - The “Done” check mark should now be in a location that is easier to see. Nimbus Station - You should no longer become stuck in the concert area entrance. Options Menu/ Help Menu - The Options Menu and the Help Menu will no longer open every time you transition to another world. Character Create - You should now be able to exit the naming process after receiving an error message.

17 April 2010 (0.183.1)

Build Modes - You will no longer enter Brick Mode from trying to pick up a model. Travel - When travelling between maps, testers no longer become stuck. Pet Taming - The white piece for the Warthog game should be showing. Racing - Testers with recommended spec machines should now be able to race against testers using high spec machines. - Nimbus Station race activator now points to Gnarled Forest race track. Accessibility - Launchpad to Gnarled Forest has been unlocked. - Launchpad to Pet Cove has been unlocked. - Launchpad to private property from Nimbus station has been closed. Logout - The game will no longer crash if you log out from the Options Menu.

13 April 2010 (0.183.0)

Namenator - You can now select a three-word temporary name for new Minifigures. This name will appear above the Minifigure’s head, until their custom name is approved. Build Modes - Changes have been made to the Esc functionality. - Property height restrictions are now enforced during Model and Brick Modes. - Exiting Brick Mode always correctly saves or restores models or bricks on the click stick. Avant Gardens - The mission flow has been changed. Status Bar - The new status bar allows for unlimited addition of hearts and armor, without cluttering up the screen real estate. Action Bar - The new action bar has a limit of ten slots, and will resize itself to accommodate screen real estate. Racing - Starting positions moved to starting line. - Watch out, you now fly off the tracks where it looks like you can fly off the tracks. - When at a Race Activator, hitting the Shift key or dragging a completed modular car to the activator will activate the race. - The user interface has been updated.

19 April 2010 (0.182.8)

Private Property - Testers can no longer go to others’ property.

13 April 2010 (0.182.7)

Trade - Players are now able to trade more than once per test session. User Interface - Anytime a user logs out or switches Minifigure, the UI will reset. Build Modes - Models built to max height in Model Mode should now be able to load back into Brick Mode.

9 April 2010 (0.182.6)

Action Bar - A new and improved version of the Action Bar is now available! Pet Menu - The pet menu has been moved. Mail - Tester cannot delete a message in mail, if it has an attachment. - Non-deletable, mission items and rockets cannot be attached. Trade - The trade window cannot be opened while the mail window is open and vice versa. Friends List - Testers can no longer ad themselves to their own friends/ ignore list. General - The texture of Minifigures created without having entered the game has been improved.

8 April 2010 (0.182.5)

Build Modes - A model built in Brick Mode to maximum height can be placed in Model Mode, as well as be loaded back into Brick Mode. Chat - Newly created Minifigures have predictive chat. Maps - The map in Avant Gardens Small Property now has the correct images.

7 April 2010 (0.182.4)

Mail - Non-deletable elements such as rockets and mission items cannot be sent to other testers in the game. - Testers on your ignore list cannot send you mail. Maps - When the Universe Map is open, the Minifigure will be stunned. Shooting Gallery - Background and help screen have been corrected. Nimbus Station - Instruments should not disappear anymore, if someone disconnects while playing. Gnarled Forest - Players cannot leave the map in the Racing Area anymore. Avant Gardens - The flags now appear correctly. Pet Cove - After successfully taming a pet, the new pet will now have a generic name assigned to it automatically, until its custom name gets approved. Trade - You are now able to trade! - Non-deletable items such as the Thinking Hat cannot be traded. - User-generated models are also not tradeable.

6 April 2010 (0.182.3)

Missions - The head-up display for mission goals no longer resets when a player exits and repatches. Gnarled Forest - World boundaries should have the correct collision.

6 April 2010 (0.182.2)

Maps - All zones should have the correct World Map and Min-map images. Mail - Mail messages now have a 399 character limit. Venture Explorer - An incorrectly placed arrow in the floor has been removed. Brick Mode - If a tester attempts to place a brick higher than the allowed height (400 plates, or 133 bricks plus 1 plate), then the brick will flash red.

5 April 2010 (0.182.1)

Build modes - Brick, Model and Modular build will no longer respond to the Escape key. Chat - The maximum number of characters in the chatbox has been increased to 140. Mail - Mail messages now have a 399 character limit. Spawning - Minifigures no longer spawn in unusual locations, such as under the ground.

1 April 2010 (0.182.0)

Pet Cove - Pet Cove is now open! Mail - Send and receive mail from mailboxes throughout the world and on your property. Paper Doll - The new, easy way to equip your Minifigure with clothing and items. It’s located on the left side of your open backpack. World Map - Expand the minimap to make it full screen. Minimap - Maps dynamically change the object types depending on what gear you’re wearing and whether you have a pet with you. Avant Gardens - The radar dish now destroys only one of the explosion points at a time. Nimbus Station - You should now bring your infected bricks for the Paradox Stamp mission to the Paradox Representative instead of going all the way back to Wisp. - Johnny Thunder has new side missions for you. - The prices for Faction Gear have been adjusted. Brick Mode - The Brick Mode buttons and tabs have been revised. - Camera controls were added. - A model automatically saves when you exit Brick Mode. Model Mode - You are now able to name and describe a model when you click on it. - Interactions with models have been revised. Gnarled Forest Shooting Gallery - The period of time models appear during the reward displays has been reduced.

26 March 2010 (0.181.5)

Gnarled Forest Shooting Gallery - The Shooting Gallery should load and be playable regardless of player input during the loading time. Gnarled Forest - Swifty McGurk should have the correct texture. UI - The text in the “Bug Reporting” field has been updated. “For Help, please email , to Report Bugs, please email and for Player Reporting, please email .”

25 March 2010 (0.181.4)

Launchpads - If a user attempts to use a launchpad that is blocked, then they will see a message saying “This launchpad is not available in Beta.” Avant Gardens - The Survival mini-game is closed off. - If the user attempts to open the Survival instance, they will only see the message “Survival Mini-Game is not available in Beta.” Nimbus Station - The Gnarled Forest Launchpad hologram will now display over the ocean correctly. Gnarled Forest - Swifty McGurk has his correct textures, and is no longer pink. Build Mode - Attempting to equip a helmet in Modular Build will unequip your thinking hat and take you out of Modular Build Mode. It will NOT equip your helmet. Chat - Hitting “enter” will no longer create a new line before sending the line to Chat moderation. - The “Tab” button has also been disabled. Showcase - The blue boxes that define free build areas throughout the world have been removed.

22 March 2010 (0.181.3)

Spaceship - The camera should no longer get stuck on Bob, and the new mission window will open as it should. Factions - Faction badges will be removed from inventory correctly after turning in the quest “Who are you?” Brick Mode - Reward models cannot be picked up while in a Free Build area in the world.

18 March 2010 (0.181.2)

Gnarled Forest Shooting Gallery - Now unlocked Spaceship - The camera should no longer get stuck on Bob, and the new mission window will open as it should. Blocked Content - All of the mini-games currently blocked to Closed-Beta testers, such as AG Survival, will now display the less confusing message “ is unavailable in Beta at this time.” Nimbus Station - The Nexus Force Recruiter mission chain should now immediately prompt the player to interact with a faction rep to obtain their Specialty Kit after turning in all Faction Badges.

17 March 2010 (0.181.1)

Gnarled Forest - Characters will not be blown back by the Parrot Ninja Detector once they are out of range. Gnarled Forest Shooting Gallery - You will no longer spawn and become stuck in the shooting gallery if they try jumping while the game is loading. Nimbus Station - The launchpad from Nimbus Station to Gnarled Forest is now usable by all Closed-Beta testers. - You should no longer become stuck after transitioning to Nimbus Station from other areas. - You should not become stuck during framerate slowdown. Duck Build - The Duck Build mission is completed automatically and Thinking Hat rewarded upon talking to the Duck Build mission giver. - Note: You must have Mardolf’s mission as a prerequisite. Brick Mode - You can only drag and/or load models with the “Select Tool”.

17 March 2010 (0.181.0)

Imagination Brick

- The “Gold Brick” is now the “Blue Imagination Brick”.

Character Create

- You can no longer try to delete or play a character you are renaming.

Avant Gardens Property

- The Avant Gardens Starter property has changed!

- Rocket launchpads on property maps will now have an aura effect if the property is not moderated or not public access.


- The Minimap appearance has been updated.

- The Minimap will now show the locations of Mission Givers, Vendors, and Rocketpads.

- Map UI icon is now functional.

Reward Objects

- If you try to accept a reward item and your bags are full, then you will now see a message saying “All your bags are full!”

- Previously, there was no message indicating why you couldn’t pick up a mission reward.

- If you try to delete an undeletable item, then you will now see a message describing why you cannot delete that item.


- Achievements have undergone a re-balancing.

- Some of the consumable rewards have been replaced with bricks, and in other cases the number of times you have to complete the achievement task to get the achievement has been increased.

- This is in response to feedback that the player is getting too many items too quickly at the start of the game, without knowing the value of them, and consequently, having a full backpack.

- Some specific changes:

- Increased the first Avant Guardian 1 from 25 smashes to 50 smashes

- Changed the Radio Free LEGO mission reward from consumables to bricks

- Changed the Finish Line mission reward from consumables to bricks

- Changed Brick Collection reward from consumables to bricks

- Changed the Avant Gardens Achiever 1 achievement from 10 to 20

- Changed the Paradox Protector 1 achievement from 5 to 25 smashes

- Changed the Defeat the Maelstrom 1 achievement from 5 to 10 smashes

- Turned down the drop rate slightly on loot from AG mobs

Modular Build

- When you approach a dropped module, the interaction icon and the rings appear.

- Player characters are no longer able to get stuck outside of the modular build bounds while in build mode.


- Rebuild window is removed when selecting Switch Minifig or Logout while your character is “smashed.”

Model Mode

- “Property Edit Mode” is now called “Model Mode”.

- Even- and odd-studded models now align properly!

Brick Mode

- “Free Build” is now called “Brick Mode”.

- You may now place a model on your property immediately after saving the model in Brick Mode, even if it has not yet been optimized.

- Brick Mode will no longer clear the selection if you click on something that's not a brick while holding Ctrl or Shift.

- This should make accidental de-selections less common.

- Switching Minifig or Logging out in Model Mode or Brick Mode no longer causes 'My Stuff' tab in inventory to become inaccessible upon returning.

Frame Rates

- Better input at low frame rates (including Jumping)

- Input for character, vehicle, and any other control scheme in the game will now be handled properly at any frame rate.

- Previously, if the frame rate dropped low enough, button presses could be missed entirely, which made anything that didn’t require holding down a button almost impossible.

- This should make the min-spec controls experience quite a bit easier.


- Once you’ve joined a faction, you will now (randomly) receive faction tokens by doing things in the game (smashing things, quickbuilds, playing activities, etc.)

- The icons currently on these items are placeholder.

- You will receive tokens only for your faction. You use these to purchase new and higher ranks of specialty kit items.


- Updated the chat box to properly "red-out" words that have capital letters in them

- The enter key properly functions on the chat box now.


- Passport tab for Pet Cove now says “Pet Cove”, not “Pet Rock”.


- Vendor currency displays now accommodate large values.


If you are interacting with an NPC, object, or other thing, then you cannot interact with other testers, objects, or NPC’s until your current interaction is complete.

Gnarled Forest Shooting Gallery

- You are now frozen in place and fades to invisible after accepting the minigame.

- You can exit the GF Shooting Gallery at any time.

- You no longer lose streak when missing a shot while in Supercharge mode.

Gnarled Forest

- The tiki torch can now be extinguished with the water gun.

15 March 2010 (0.180.10)

Min Spec Messages

- If a your computer is below min spec, then one of the following messages will be displayed:

1. LEGO Universe cannot be launched. Unsupported processor.

2. LEGO Universe cannot be launched. Unsupported video card.

12 March 2010 (0.180.8)

Character Create

- The “Rename” dialog will no longer become stuck.


- The chat box will now properly “red-out” words that have capital letters in them.


- If you equip an item, then there will not be as much hitching.

11 March 2010 (0.180.7)

Nimbus Station

- Characters should no longer be getting stuck in the trees near the Forbidden Valley launchpad.

- During framerate slow downs, characters should no longer get stuck.

- The Choice Builds in the Concert scene now work correctly.

Character Create

- When renaming a moderating character, the play and delete buttons are now disabled.

- Pressing the back button will cause the rename dialog to close itself properly.

Free Build

- Players will no longer get their bricks back when saving models. Models can also be edited after being saved.


- The predictive whitelist has been updated to include LU game terms.


- Quickbuilds should no longer lose functionality during the progression state.

9 March 2010 (0.180.6)


- Attempting to use a blocked launch pad will now display a message saying “This launch pad is not yet open.”

- When you place your rocket on the Avant Gardens Property launchpad, the Property Browser UI will appear.

Character Create

- If you have to rename their minifig after their name has been rejected by moderation, the “Rename Character” UI should now be readable.

Property Edit

- Picking up and placing models in Property Edit will no longer cause the player to become stuck.

8 March 2010 (0.180.4)


- The chat window will now automatically scroll to the bottom when new text is typed.


- After interacting with an NPC or object that plays a cinematic, you are “stunned” and cannot interact with another target until the cinematic is complete.


- After a failed game log-in, the links for “Create LEGO ID” and “Forgot your password?” will now open the correct webpages.

4 March 2010 (0.180.3)

Character Create

- The “Rename Character” UI no longer has black-on-black text. The text and background are now in contrasting colors.

- Deleting a character is now permanent.

Avant Gardens

- Quickbuilds will now work for multiple players if the latency rate is high.


- Brick inventory Group Names and data will save automatically.


- Epsilon’s “Armor Polish” mission will no longer cause the camera to become stuck.

Friends and Ignore List

- Opening and closing the Friend Menu will no longer cause a “dead zone” where the mouse cannot click.

- You can no longer add yourself to your own Friend and Ignore lists.

Modular Build

- Users can no longer exit the rocket ship modular build in either the Spaceship or Avant Gardens.

2 March 2010 (0.180.2)

Free Build

- You will no longer become stuck from placing and picking up models.

Epsilon Mission Flow is now:

- Destroy 10 enemies

- Talk to Beck

- Find the Spider Cave Entrance

- Bring Epsilon Armor Polish

23 February 2010 (0.180.0)


- If you engage the binoculars, then you will rotate to face the binoculars.

- VFX has been added to indicate binoculars that the player has not used.

- A few Nimbus Station binoculars have been moved around and their camera paths have been updated.

- You are now prevented from using the binoculars again while you are in a binocular cinematic.


- Loot now supports Round Robin and Free for All modes.

- Loot now displays which player is able to loot a certain object.

- Loot is textured to indicate whose loot is whose.

Graphical User Interface

- New scrollbar functionality

- The chat button will change depending on the filtering results of entered text.

- Added images for Item Rollover Tips:

- Heart

- Imagination

- Armor

- Combo Stats

- *NEW* vendor items are able to be streamed in, instead of all coming at once and lagging out the client.

- Vendors will now buy items from you.

- You will now be able to see why you can’t get Mission Rewards if your Backpack is full.

- You will now be able to see why you can’t buy certain items from vendors.

Character Creation

- Updated eyes to have correct scale and position on head.

- Updated eyebrows to correct size and position on face.

- Added 3 new brows.

- Fixed an alpha issue with the torso decal icons.

- There is currently a white background behind all of these icons. This will be gone!

Nimbus Station

- Added temporary visual destination signs for Nimbus Station Plaza.

- Shortened (& tweaked) landing cinematics upon arrival at NS from each other world.

- Adjusted the landing position at Forbidden Valley & Gnarled Forest launchers.

- In the Concert Scene, instrument quickbuilds will reset if you exit while playing the instrument.

Avant Gardens

- Added temporary rock in Avant Gardens tunnel to smooth out edge that Minifigures were getting hung up on.

- Added the Maelstrom VFX to Wisp’s hands.

- Fan button quickbuild now takes 2 seconds instead of 3 to complete.

- The pet button on top of the Sentinel Wall has been removed.

- Rusty Steele has a new wrench!

- Mardolf has finalized animations!

Venture Explorer

- SFX will look and work better.

- Players will now be awarded an achievement for getting Imagination when Bob’s first mission is complete.


- Chatting whitelist has been updated. You can now say many of the game terms and other phrases.


- Footsteps on different surfaces will sound different now.


- The Backpack and LEGOBag have been combined into one widget.


- The Camera Orbit tutorial is now bigger and clearer.

- Emote tutorials have been fixed.

- Players can no longer walk about during the rocket landing cinematic.

- Completed quickbuilds will remain built through their entire countdown even if the player who completed it logs off first.


- Players can now interact with models along their edges, rather than their centers.

- A character's animation speed during a quickbuild is based on the number of bricks thrown over the duration of the build.

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