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Reputation is a points system controlled by when players visit another player's property, or when completing some special reputation missions and achievements. The number of reputation points received is based on how long visitors stay. The higher the reputation a property had, the higher the property would be ranked. The higher-ranked properties were shown on earlier pages then others, making them more well-known.

Reputation on properties is a short-lived accumulation of points - properties will quickly shed points in proportion to the amount of reputation they have, until they are reduced slowly to 0 again - unless more visitors arrive. Personal reputation (stored in the passport) is a cumulative total, which adds all reputation points which the Minifigure earns, whether or not it is currently active. For example, a Minifigure could have 100,000 reputation, while only having one property with 1,000 current reputation, and without having logged on for six months.


Receiving certain amounts of reputation can complete the Reputation achievement, giving 5 different rewards:

Achievement Reward
Earn 100 Reputation Mega Brick Booster Pack
Earn 1,000 More Reputation Medieval Package 2
Earn 10,000 More Reputation Blue Double Breasted Uniform
Earn 100,000 More Reputation Jester Hat
Earn 1,000,000 More Reputation Jester Shirt

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