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Robot Rampage
Stromling mech
Smash 6 Corrupted Sentry robots aboard the Venture Explorer.
"The Maelstrom has corrupted the ship’s defenses! Smash 6 of those Corrupted Sentry robots!"
"Yep, those were the Mechs you were looking for! Move along."
Location Info
Start Location: Return to the Venture Explorer
End Location: Return to the Venture Explorer
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: 6 Corrupted Sentries
Starts With: Epsilon Starcracker
Ends With: Epsilon Starcracker
Total Coins: None
Total U-Score: 70
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Medium Bag of Faction Tokens
Choice Items Won: None
Epsilon's end quote is a reference to Star Wars: A New Hope.

Once the mission chain is completed, this mission can be repeated daily.

Mission Progression

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