Seagull render
Theme LEGO Universe
World Pet Cove

Seagulls are birds that live near the coast.

One large seagull made its nest atop the Lighthouse in Pet Cove. During Coalessa and Nancy the Lion's game of Frisbee, the seagull swoops in and steals the flying disc. The seagull returns to its nest, where it hides the flying disc. Coalessa sends players to retrieve the stolen Frisbee, promising a piece of the Water Sprayer in return. When players arrive at the Lighthouse, the seagull can be seen perched in its nest, but it will fly away if approached, allowing players to smash its nest and retrieve the flying disc. Coalessa speculates that the seagull only wanted to play with them.

Other seagulls can be seen as background effects in areas of Gnarled Forest, such as Elephant Escarpment. These seagulls are two-dimensional sprites and have no impact on gameplay, only serving to add atmosphere to the World, much like the birds seen in Avant Gardens.


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