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Secrets of the Maelstrom
MaelstromBrick Task
Smash enemies and collect 15 Maelstrom-infected bricks. Then take them back to Wisp Lee.
"We must find out how the Maelstrom infects Imagination! Smash enemies and collect 15 Maelstrom-infected bricks."
"Dark and powerful things can be created from Maelstrom-infected bricks. Unfortunately, we created one of those things: a Spider Queen!"
Location Info
Start Location: Paradox Research Facility
End Location: Paradox Research Facility
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Stromlings, Stromling Mechs, Dark Spiderlings
Starts With: Wisp Lee
Ends With: Wisp Lee
Total Coins: 250
Total U-Score: 15
Stats Won: None
Items Won: Notion Potion x3, Maelstrom Vacuum
Choice Items Won: None
In early beta testing, players had to bring the infected bricks to Wisp Lee to complete this mission. The mission was changed to Silas Penumbra; however, when he was scrapped, it was moved back to Wisp.
Mission Progression

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