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Sentinel Base Camp
Sentinel Camp
World Avant Gardens
Main Location of Sentinels
Enemies None

The Sentinel Base Camp is an outpost located in Avant Gardens. It was established by the Sentinels as a safe point, utilizing debris from the destroyed road.

Players enter through a hole in the wall at the front of the camp. A trashed bus is suspended above the hole, serving as a door. When players are far away from the bus, it lowers to block Stromlings from getting in. During this time, they appear to swarm the gate, pushing feebly against it.

After the Spider Queen escaped the Paradox Research Facility, it began spewing out Maelstrom all over the sector, the Bouncer in the tunnel behind the camp is locked off due to the Launch Area becoming hazardous. Minifigures are only allowed to pass once they recieve clearance from Commander Beck. Theo Balfour keeps watch to make sure no one passes through unauthorized. The tunnel leads to the Monument.

A supplies vendor, Klaus Zett, sells basic weapons, Armor Polish, and a Sentinel Shield to new players. The last two items are necessary for completing various missions in and around the camp. These can also be helpful for playing the nearby Avant Gardens Survival. Rocco Sirocco, an Earth Spinitzu student, is stationed in the camp, demonstrating Spinjitzu to players. The camp is also home to the Doberman pet, which players can tame after visiting Pet Cove.

Being a very quick set-up, the Base Camp has a second unintentional hole in the wall to the left of the bus. Fitz Vanderbuilt attempts to maintain a temporary Quick Build wall which he has been supplied with to fill the hole, however he runs out of bricks and must ask players to head to the Monument to collect more.


Beta Information

Until the Power of the Nexus Force update, the Sentinel Base Camp was called the Sentinel Encampment. Despite this, the Nexus Force Plaque still refers to the camp by its original name.


  • On January 21st, a Mythran spawned the 3D model for the Monument tunnel in the skies of Nimbus Station. It was only accessible by a glitch until the next day, when a Mythran sent Jetpacks to all players online at the time and made it easier to access.


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