Sentinel Point Zeta
Sentinel Point Zeta
World Crux Prime
Main Location of Bronson Jarls
Enemies Stromling Invaders, Stromling Mech Invaders, Dark Spiderling Invaders, Stromling Pirate Invaders, Stromling Admiral Invaders, Dark Ronin Invaders, Maelstrom Horseman Invaders, Stromling Ape Invaders, Named Enemies

Sentinel Point Zeta is the first area players encounter on Crux Prime when they teleport from Nexus Tower. It is the the center of local Nexus Force war operations on the planet chunk. It is monitored constantly by Duke Exeter in Nexus Tower, and is the main defense against Nexus Tower should harm fall its way.

Two Sentinel NPCs, Bronson Jarls and Brannan Landers, stand guard. Brannan is the senior officer on the surface, assigning missions which start to teach players about Shield Generators, Ninjago, and get them acquainted with the surface. Bronson serves no role other than assigning daily missions.

The area is unoffically divided into two areas, the first being the checkpoint itself, which is home to a Mailbox, as well as several crates of undeployed turrets. Once players enter the turret area, they are safe from Maelstrom attacks. Outside the checkpoint, players enter their first Crux Prime battlefield.

Various enemies spawn here, the most uncommon of which being Ape Invaders and Horsemen Invaders. A few various named enemies are also known to spawn here, including ED-902, Gull Rawstew, and Muffet Bane, but these sightings are infrequent in comparison to numbers of sightings in other locations around the world.

Sentinel Point Zeta offers passage to Rivendark Canyon, Caldera Mar, and Studburst Pass.


Update Information

When first released with the Crux Prime update on February 8th, 2011, Sentinel Point Zeta did not have a teleporter beacon to Nexus Tower. Instead, it used launchpad, which sent players to Nimbus Station. On Nimbus Station, a launchpad was stationed vice versa. When Nexus Tower was released on June 1st, 2011, the launchpad was removed at both ends and was replaced with a teleporter.


  • The name is a play on "Poinsettia", a type of plant in real life.
  • This is the closest area to Nexus Tower.
  • The lanterns used in Sentinel Point Zeta are based upon Break Jaw's buoy from the LEGO set 8633 Speedboat Rescue.


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