Sentinel War Room
LEGO MMOG 1-7 Nexus-Tower-4
World Nexus Tower
Main Location of Bullet Mullet , Nexus Naomi
Enemies None

The Sentinel War Room is the center of the Sentinels' war efforts. From this room in Nexus Tower, the Sentinels coordinate the Nexus Force in their fight against the Maelstrom. The center of the room contains a ring of computer terminals, two of which act as the Wishing Well for the Nexus Tower and a duplicate of the Paradox exchange device in Nimbus Station. Another Nexus Naomi projection can be found here as well, to help players set up their Vault account.

Above the War Room is the Sentinel Command Center. Here, Duke Exeter can be found standing over a holographic map of Crux Prime, personally overseeing the war efforts on the world below.



  • In the final version of the Sentinel War Room, Nexus Naomi replaced the role of a console that had her role during development.


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