Sherland Powers
Sherland powers
Theme Nexus Force
World Crux Prime
Quote "Ship down, payload scattered, today is not my day."
Weapon/Tool None

Sherland Powers is a Nexus Force Pilot NPC who is stranded on Crux Prime.

Sherland Powers was piloting a Nexus Talon Dropship when he flew too close to the Maelstrom. The destructive energies of the Maelstrom surrounding Crux Prime were powerful enough to down his dropship, scattering the ship's missiles as it crash-landed in Aura Mar. Sherland Powers was quickly attacked by a group of Stromling Admiral Invaders, but managed to stay alive by smashing pieces of the Venture Koi's debris. Sherland thought he spotted a wandering chef, which gave him a craving for BBQ. Eventually, Sherland Powers made his way to Rivendark Canyon, where he took refuge under a Shield Generator.

Brannan Landers sends players to scout the Crux Prime battlefield and find Sherland Powers. When players find Sherland, he tells them to smash ten pieces of the Venture Koi wreckage to restock on Life and Imagination. To satisfy his craving for BBQ, Sherland asks players to bring him a BBQ Drumstick, which can be purchased from Heimlich Stewblaster.

After eating the BBQ Drumstick, Sherland Powers explains that his Nexus Talon Dropship's computer contained secret data about the Imagination Nexus. Fearing that the Maelstrom might try to get hold of this data, Sherland sends players to find the computer, rebuild it in the crashed Nexus Talon Dropship, and retrieve the data before the Maelstrom can get it. When players return with the data, Sherland Powers has trouble concentrating on the data and sends players to smash fifteen Stromling Admiral Invaders, eager to get revenge on the Stromlings. Finally, Sherland Powers tells players to smash the scattered dropship missiles, which will cause them to explode and smash any Stromling Invaders in the blast radius.



  • Sherland Powers shares his surname with two other LEGO characters, Clutch Powers and Rock Powers, from the film The Adventures of Clutch Powers. However, this is most likely coincidental and not an intended reference. Instead, his name more likely references Francis Gary Powers, a U-2 spy plane pilot who was shot down by a Soviet missile.
  • Sherland Powers's sunglasses are the same ones worn by Johnny Thunder in Beta.
  • Occasionally, a glitch occurs in which Sherland's helmet is missing, revealing his shoulder-length hair.
  • On January 11, 2012, Sherland Powers was spawned by a Mythran in Nimbus Plaza.


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