Shield Generator
Shield Generator
Location Crux Prime
Function Restoring Health, Armor, and Imagination to players

Shield Generators are Quick Builds on Crux Prime. They can be found in all areas except for the Maelstrom Quarry. They most often require teamwork to construct, as they use 60 Imagination points. The credit for building a Shield Generator goes to the person to finish the quick build and his/her team members.

Once built, a Shield Generator creates a green, pulsating dome of energy around it, which gradually restores the Health, Armor, and Imagination of anything inside it, as well as knocking back any enemies that try to chase after players inside. After several minutes, the Shield Generator is smashed, and must be re-built.


  • Shield Generators restore the Health of anything that enters their energy dome, occasionally causing damaged enemies to have their Health at least partially restored before they are quickly knocked away from the force field.
  • Through a combination of consumables and gear giving high Imagination point bonuses, it is possible to construct a shield generator without aid from other team members.
  • Sherland Powers is found inside the force field of a Shield Generator, which he constructed after his Nexus Talon Dropship crashed into Aura Mar. Unlike other Shield Generators, the one constructed by Sherland Powers is pre-placed in the environment and never smashes itself.


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