Skeleton Camps
Camp Marshmellow
World Ninjago Monastery
Main Location of Skeleton Operations

Skeleton Camps are campgrounds located around the Ninjago Battlefield. There are four total; Camp Cruelskull, Camp Ribspreader, Camp Knucklemuck, and Camp Marshmellow. They are the home bases of operations for skeletons attacking the Monastery, and later provide enough support that the Skeletons are able to break into the Ninjago Caves.

When Cole directs players to help with the battle, Kodo Pandaheart is already there, and having trouble with the situation. He sends players to discover all four of the encampments on the battlefield. His brother Podo Pandaheart later sends players to destroy the stone coffins at the camps, before returning them to Cole.

The camps all contain several stone coffins, one or two tents, a campfire, a Weapons Box, and sometimes Siege Towers and Catapults.


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