Skeleton Dragon
Dragon skeleton
Found in Crux Prime
Special Abilities Digging up Bone Digs.
Imagination Points 15
Required Items/Tasks Accepted Skullduggery
Taming Build Chili pepper

The Skeleton Dragon is an undead, draconic pet. Though naturally found within the Ninjago Underworld, many have arrived on Crux Prime along with the Skullkin. These rather unsightly creatures are rather talented at digging up special bones, which Mardolf the Orange has learned to fashion into wonderful yet frightening creations. Taming this pet is the final mission Neido gives to players in the Ninjago area of Crux Prime.

Their Chili Pepper build is quite difficult to complete, and many require several attempts before completion.

Skeleton Dragon Pet LXF Download


  • Like the Crab pet, the Skeleton Dragon appears after digging up a particular treasure chest.


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