Skeleton Engineer
Skullkin engineer
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Skullkin
Weapon/Tool Laser Drilling Device, Skeleton-adapted Spinjitzu

Skeleton Engineers are a type of Skulkin that operate and maintain their mining equipment. As such, one can always be found near each watchtower or drill rig. They are easy to smash with the Spinjitzu Staff. They have 33 Health. They are physically identical to Skeleton Mad Scientists.


  • Molten Shot - the Engineer fires a short stream of energy from it's weapon, dealing 5 damage.
  • Basic Attack - the Engineer hits you with its free hand, dealing 5 damage.
  • Sloppy Spinjitzu Splash - the Engineer spins wildly around in an attempt to do Spinjitzu.
    • If the player does any damage to it while it is spinning, the Engineer will fall apart and smash.
    • If the player does not deal any damage, the Engineer will explode, doing one damage and knocking the player extremely far. If the Engineer explodes, it will not drop any loot.


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