Skeleton Miner
Skullkin miner
Main Location Crux Prime
Theme Skullkin
Weapon/Tool Pickaxe, Skeleton-adapted Spinjitzu

Skeleton Miners are a type of Skullkin that mine around the drilling equipment for Maelstrom Ore to transport back to Ninjago. Their methods of attack are a pickaxe and a weak form of Skeleton Spinjitzu. With 18 health, Miners are very easy to smash with the Spinjitzu Staff, requiring only 3 strikes or one Spinjitzu blast.


  • Basic Strike: The Miner swings its pick forward for 5 damage.[1]
  • Sloppy Spinjitzu Spin: The Miner charges and releases its chaotic brand of Spinjitzu, dealing 6 damage. This attack causes the user's head to spin around wildly, making it dizzy for a brief moment.[1]



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