Skeleton Pit Boss
Skullkin pit boss
Main Location Maelstrom Quarry
Theme Ninjago
Weapon/Tool Bone Scythe, Skeleton-adapted Spinjitzu

The Skeleton Pit Boss is a type of Skulkin who enforce order in the Maelstrom Quarry. They have 50 life and are very tough to beat with the Spinjitzu Staff. The armor that the Skeleton Pit Bosses wear makes them slightly resemble the named skeleton Krazi from the Ninjago toy line.



  • Like Nuckal, the Skeleton Pit Boss's head will occasionally turn black when using Spinjitzu.
  • In a rare glitch, he can be found without a head, weapon, or armor.
    Glitched Skeleton Pit boss

    A picture of this glitch

  • Another glitch causes his head to turn black without Spinjitzu, though this happens on multiple types of skeletons.

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