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This article is about the status of a player or enemy when destroyed. You may be looking for Smashables, objects which can be smashed.

Smashed! In-Game
Location: Anywhere
Function: Allows players to be rebuilt

Smashed is the state caused when players lose all their health. This can occur through battle or by falling off of ledges. The player's minifig explodes and a window with the word "Smashed!" appears. Under normal circumstances, an amount of Coins, equal to 1% of the player's total amount (the maximum of which is 10,000 Coins, or a Red Coin), is lost after each smash. The player must click the "Rebuild" button on the "Smashed!" window to respawn their minifigure. Upon respawning, they are given four Health points and six Imagination points, unless the player is Level 45, in which case they respawn with 8 Health and 20 Imagination.


  • Defeated enemies are considered smashed.
  • There is also an option in the help menu on LEGO Universe that is called "Smash Me", and it automatically smashes the minifigure. This is for use if he or she is stuck, lost, or just needs to get out of somewhere. It can also be used if the game glitches or freezes.
  • While smashed, in-game sounds are muffled.
  • Before the Power Of Nexus Force Update, players lost 2% of their coins when smashed.


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