How to activate Speedchat Button (Or press "C")
Mainly Used By: Free To Play Members

Speedchats (Also known as Emotes) are special actions that can be performed by minifigures via the Speedchat menu. Many are earned from Missions and Achievements, but players also start the game with several basic ones. In LEGO Universe Free To Play, speedchats are the only form of comunimaton because of the lack of the chatbox. Muted people can also use it.

Emotes List

Emote Category Emote Name Obtained At Start?
Actions Cheer Yes
Actions Curtsey No
Actions Roar! No
Actions Dragon Roar No
Actions Applaud Yes
Actions Bye! Yes
Actions Tap Foot Yes
Actions Salute No
Actions Sit Down No
Actions Tame Pet No
More Actions Shoo Yes
More Actions Kiss Yes
More Actions Oops Yes
More Actions Backflip No
More Actions Air Guitar No
More Actions Sensei Bow No
More Actions Sneeze No
More Actions Student Bow No
More Actions Trip No
More Actions Worm Dance No
Dancing Floor Dance No
Dancing Jump Dance No
Dancing Metal Dance No
Dancing Robot Dance No
Dancing Russian Dance No
Dancing Sway Dance No
Dancing Dance Yes
Dancing Chicken Dance No
Dancing Break Dance No
Dancing Fire Dance No
Feelings Grin Yes
Feelings Laugh Yes
Feelings Shrug Yes
Feelings Surprised Yes
Feelings Sigh No
Feelings Proud No
More Feelings Bored Yes
More Feelings Cry Yes
More Feelings Fear Yes
More Feelings Frustrated Yes
More Feelings Panic No
More Feelings Tired No
Conversation Helpers 1 BRB Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 Hello Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 No Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 Thanks Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 Thumbs Down Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 Thumbs Up Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 Yes Yes
Conversation Helpers 1 You're Welcome Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 Apologize Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 Disagree Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 Doh Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 Just Kidding Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 Pick me! Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 Shrug Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 What???


Conversation Helpers 2 I need Health! Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 I need Armor! Yes
Conversation Helpers 2 I need Imagination! Yes
Commands N/A
Helping N/A


  • There is a glitch of unlocking all these speedchats, by riding the horse mount.


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