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Stop the Horsemen!
Turret statue
Smash the statues above the crypts on Cavalry Hill in Forbidden Valley, then rebuild them into turrets.
“To build is to battle! Take the Path of the Skeletal Steed to Cavalry Hill, then build Maelstrom Turrets to block the crypts!”
“You are a worthy builder. Tell Master Fong I approve.”
Location Info
Start Location: Great Tree
End Location: Great Tree
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Maelstrom Horsemen
Starts With: Brickmaster Clang
Ends With: Brickmaster Clang
Total Coins: 200
Total U-Score: 210
Stats Won: None
Items Won: White Conical Hat
Choice Items Won: None
A total of 3 turrets must be built to complete this Mission. The quick builds require 5 Maelstrom-Infected Bricks each in addition to Imagination. Despite the apparent need of additional parts, these builds do not count as Collection Builds.
Mission Progression

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