Sunny Rayburn
Theo Balfour New
Theme Sentinel Faction
World Chantey Shanty
Quote "Every Property we clear helps to push back the Maelstrom."
Weapon/Tool Spear

Sunny Rayburn is the Property Guard NPC of Chantey Shanty.

Sunny Rayburn is horrified to see that the Maelstrom has taken over the Chantey Shanty property. He enlists players' help in clearing the property, telling them to smash the Maelstrom Generator that is spawning the Stromlings and rebuild it into a platform to reach the Imagination Orb. Sunny claims that every cleared property helps to push back the Maelstrom.

Once Chantey Shanty is cleared of Maelstrom, Sunny Rayburn allows players to rent Nimbus Rock for a fee of 500 Coins per month. Sunny also unlocks new Behaviors for players to use on their properties. Sunny Rayburn then leaves to help other Minifigures secure their properties.


Beta Information

In beta testing, Sunny Rayburn was unnamed and simply identified as Property Guard. He used the same model as an alpha Sentinel Faction Guard, but with a standard silver Knights Helmet instead of the Sentinel Guards' gray high-tech visored helmets. Until the Crux Prime update, Sunny Rayburn carried a unique spear design used by various Sentinel characters but never seen in an actual LEGO mold. In the Crux Prime update, this spear was replaced with one that combined the standard spear mold with a 1x1 cone brick.


  • Sunny Rayburn's name refers to rays of sunlight, which cause sunburns under too much exposure.


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