Swabbie the Monkey
Mission 228
Theme Pirates
World Gnarled Forest
Quote "Eekum eekum!"
Weapon/Tool Basic Flintlock Pistol

Swabbie the Monkey is a monkey NPC at Brig Rock in Gnarled Forest.

According to the Rescued Ninjas, Swabbie the Monkey actually works for Ninjas and was sent to Brig Rock to create a commotion and distract the Pirates. Swabbie got his hands on a Basic Flintlock Pistol and began firing it madly, pinning down Bert Scurvyburp and Ralphie Brig-Eyes, which leads to Ralphie being unable to feed the prisoners. As a result, he is unaware of the jail-break which takes place later in the game.

Hearing the gunshots coming from Brig Rock, Arrrthur Arrrbuckle sends players to investigate, and Bert Scurvyburp sends players to take the pistol from the monkey. Swabbie refuses to hand over the Basic Flintlock Pistol unless players give him five bananas, at which point he'll give players the pistol in exchange for the bananas.

However, even after handing over the Basic Flintlock Pistol, Swabbie the Monkey apparently gets another pistol and continues to pin down Bert Scurvyburp and Ralphie Brig-Eyes.

Once Hashi, Mashi, Zashi, and Steve are freed, it is revealed that Swabbie was working for them to pin down the pirates and ultimately help them escape.



  • Bert Scurvyburp apparently does not realize Swabbie the Monkey's identity, as he refers to the monkey as only "a mad gunman". The artwork for this mission keeps Swabbie's face hidden in shadow, further keeping the mystery of who Swabbie really is until players actually meet the monkey.
  • It is speculated that Swabbie is related to Eeekums, as Swabbie says "Eeekums" in his dialogue. However, this may be merely monkey gibberish.
  • Black-Hearted Kevin is apparently aware of Swabbie the Monkey's presence in Brig Rock, telling players who have not yet received a ranged weapon to speak with the monkey.
  • After being given his bananas, Swabbie continues to open fire with a banana in hand as if it were a gun.


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