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Swabby Bilgebarrel
Swabby Bilgebarrel
Theme Pirates , Vendor
World Avant Gardens
Quote "Shh, over here. I gots a favor to ask ye!"

Swabby Bilgebarrel is a Pirate Picnicker NPC found in the Avant Gardens Launch Area.

Swabby Bilgebarrel hangs out at the picnic area, which has been covered with Maelstrom fog that can only be cleared by defeating the Spider Queen. Talking to Swabby Bilgebarrel counts towards Making Friends achievement. Swabby Bilgebarrel is also a Model Vendor. His inventory consists of pirate-themed models, such as the Pirate Fort set, for Free-to-Play players who cannot access Gnarled Forest.

Swabby Bilgebarrel stashed his treasure but forgot where he left it. He gives players his lucky shovel and asks them to travel to five settled properties and dig up five treasures with the lucky shovel. When players return with the treasure, Swabby shares some of the loot to show his gratitude.

Missions and Achievements

Models for Sale at this Location

Model Price Note Picture
Wooden Barrel Model Coin 140
Wooden Barrel Model
Hat Stand Model 3 Coin 100
Hat Stand Model 3
Weapon Rack Model Coin 500
Weapon Rack Model
Sword Barrel Model Coin 50
Sword Barrel Model
Hut Model Coin 980
Hut Model
Cart Model Coin 150
Cart Model
Palm Tree Model Coin 160
Palm Tree Model
Island Plant Model Coin 360
Island Plant Model
Dock Model Coin 450
Dock Model
Shack Model Coin 2,040
Shack Model
Treasure Chest Model Coin 700
Treasure Chest Model
Goblet Box Model Coin 120
Goblet Box Model
Modular Dock Model 1 Coin 580
Modular Dock Model 1
Modular Dock Model 2

Coin 880

Modular Dock Model 2
Modular Dock Model 3 Coin 1,220
Modular Dock Model 3
Pirate Idol Model Coin 520
Pirate Idol Model
Palm Tree Model 2 Coin 560
Palm Tree Model 2
Pirate Gate Model Coin 1,420
Pirate Gate Model
Pirate Wall Model 1 Coin 1,860
Pirate Wall Model 1
Pirate Wall Model 2 Coin 1,520
Pirate Wall Model 2
Pirate Wall End Model Coin 1,740
Pirate Wall End Model
Pirate Barrel Hut Model 1 Coin 2,200
Pirate Barrel Hut Model 1
Pirate Barrel Hut Model 2 Coin 2,000
Pirate Barrel Hut Model 2
Pirate Corner Wall Model  Coin 2,680
Pirate Corner Wall Model
Pirate Corner Lookout Model Coin 2,840
Pirate Corner Lookout Model
Pirate Medium Wall Model Coin 860
Pirate Medium Wall Model
Pirate Small Wall Model Coin 660
Pirate Small Wall Model
Pirate T-Wall Model Coin 1,680
Pirate T-Wall Model
Pirate T-Wall With Stairs Model  Coin 1,720
Pirate T-Wall With Stairs Model

Beta Information

In alpha testing and early beta testing, Swabby Bilgebarrel was unnamed and identified as Pirate Picnicker; when he received his name, the title was taken away from him when the Crux Prime update occurred. At first, he was briefly named Keelhaul Carl in mid-beta testing. Files suggest that he may have been intended for Swifty McGurk's role.

Prior to the Nexus Jawbox update, Swabby Bilgebarrel wore tan pants. Since many other NPC clothes were turned white with this update, this is likely a glitch, but it was never corrected before LEGO Universe's closure was announced. Additionally, Swabby's CGI artwork seen on the Mission Tracker upon completing Bring Back the Booty still depicts him with tan pants.

Prior to the Power of the Nexus Force update, Swabby Bilgebarrel constantly argued with Hu Where over who is the better Monument Racer, the first in-game example of the rivalry between Pirates and Ninjas. Swabby mentioned a shortcut through a tunnel, hinting that the yellow path is the fastest route up the Monument.


  • Swabby Bilgebarrel claims that he gets spacesick on rocketships, which is why he sends players to travel to properties instead.


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