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The Way of the Dragon

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The Way of the Dragon
Follow the Path of the Dragon to the Fallen Gate and defeat a Maelstrom Dragon on the far side. Work with your friends if need be.
“So you have passed the Ninjas’ tests. Now for mine: defeat a Dragon! Kii-yaa!”
“Not a scorch on you! Take this Dragon Tooth as a symbol of your strength and bravery! Kii-yaa!”
Location Info
Start Location: Great Tree
End Location: Great Tree
Enemies and NPCs
Enemy List: Maelstrom Dragon x1
Starts With: Numb Chuck
Ends With: Numb Chuck
Total Coins: 200
Total U-Score: 220
Stats Won: Roar! (emote)
Items Won: Enchanted Dragon Tooth
Choice Items Won: None
In beta testing, this mission was titled "Dark Secrets".
Mission Progression

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