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This page contains information about content from the Alpha Test Phase or Pre-Alpha Development Phase. This did not appear in the final game.

Theme Castle
World Nimbus Park, Youreeka, Spikes Peak
Weapon/Tool Club

This article is about the pre-alpha Troll. You may be looking for the Ravencloud Guardian, which was called a troll in Release Notes.

Trolls were pre-alpha creatures found in Nimbus Park, Youreeka, and Spikes Peak.

In Nimbus Park, a troll carrying around LEGO bricks could be seen in a construction scene at the beginning of the world. Another Troll wielding a large club played a could be found in Youreeka, located in a hedge maze. The Troll here would have offered a mission to collect him some water. Due to Nimbus Park and Youreeka being merged into Nimbus Station, the Trolls were removed, and were not officially released in the live game.

Trolls were also set to appear in Spikes Peak, a mining themed world with trolls and dwarfs.[1]

Several trolls appear in concept art of various siege wagons for the Kingdoms World, suggesting that they were intended to make an appearance in the unreleased world as operators of these battle vehicles.


  • Like Burno, the Troll is modeled after the Giant Trolls of the Castle line, such as the Giant Troll included in the 7038 Troll Assault Wagon set.
  • On December 19, 2011, a LEGO Universe GM named Shival hosted a party for players in Nexus Tower, spawning various NPCs and creatures, including the Troll. On January 30, 2012, the Troll reappeared in another Mythran-hosted party held in Nimbus Station.


  1. Imagining LEGO Universe: Map Quest


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