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I talked with Kevin Hinkle about the new MMO

Well, today was the first day of Brick Fiesta 2012. No events as it was just set-up, but even with only a fraction of the MOCs on display it was breathtaking. Jared Burks of Fine Clonier even had a custom Doctor Overbuild minifigure in a little plastic bag, it was unfinished (he had yet to apply the decals, they were still on the paper, inside the same bag), but he had all the custom elements sculpted out - it looked exactly like the in-game minifigure! He said he carved Doc's headgear out of a Clone Trooper helmet. I wouldn't have guessed, it looked completely accurate. I'm sure he'll have pictures of it online once it's entirely done. He said he isn't working on any other LU minifigures at the moment, though...

But anyway, on to the main subject of this blog. Kevin Hinkle is the North American Community Coordinator for LEGO, he's the guy between us and LEGO. And while I was setting up my Space Police 3 monorail in the main room this morning, he walked over and started talking to a friend of mine and myself. My friend did most of the talking as I worked on monorail setup, and mainly asked questions about becoming a LEGO set designer (Kevin compared it to becoming a pro football player, it's hard and there's not many positions but it's possible), the LEGO Inside Tour (which sounds awesome), if Bionicle would return (to which Kevin said something along the lines of "You never know what might happen", oddly) and requested that some part be included in Pick-a-Brick. Kevin also mentioned that he has an unannounced, unreleased set in box sitting in his hotel room (which will be officially revealed on Friday), but sadly he refused to give us his room number, so I guess we'll just have to wait.

Anyway, just before Kevin went off to look at some of the other models being set up, we each got a picture with him. Then I asked him about the Funcom MMO, though I'm afraid the answer might shock you...

Me: So, LEGO partnered with Funcom for a new MMO, do you know anything about that? Is it still tightly under wraps?

Kevin: Yes, I know a lot about it.

*pause while Kevin teasingly grins*

Me: ... Ok.

... Ok, not shocking, he wasn't able to say anything about it other then that he knows a lot about it. But hey, at least we know the game is developed to the point where there's a lot of info to know about it. :P

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