Welcome, explorers!

Today I offically announce the upcoming video game, Lego Nexus Adventures! I know what you guys are going to say about the game, that it's ilegal. It will ONLY be provided to certain wikia members. Sherman, Patch, Jamesster, Ankarus, Brick, umm, lotta numbers behind :P and Ferfature will be the first with open invites to the game! Oh, did I miss something? Nope! Mythrun will be invited too. All invites will be provided through the talk page. They will be the first to test the game.

History? Np. The game developed by me and a few partners* will be develpoing for a year or two. The history of the game started with Sector 6/ Nexus Station wiki server world concept. After creating the world with a few 2d maps and alot of concept art, the idea later poped in my head when LU closed. The game follows the cousre after the closing of Lego Universe. I had downloaded Google Sketchup and downloaded Blender recently. But the actual concept and ideas of the game had been developed months before..........

I will not reviel much of the plot, and a trailer will be provided soon.

Happy Adventuring!

  • A few invites will also be sent to a few programmers and game artists on the wiki to help with the game, watxh your talk page ;)

Legouniverse182 03:24, February 4, 2012 (UTC)LU182

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